Point & Click Adventure Thread 2018 - This Is The Year!

@frogmeetsdog Great post! I haven't even finished reading it yet and it's very interesting.

Just wanted to show that appreciation in case I can't finish reading and properly respond today, due to being busy.
No problem - Couldn’t stop writing anymore ;) Glad you liked it!

And I agree, Trüberbook is gonna be amazing for sure - Graphics, setting, story, atmosphere, the game looks extremely promising!
God, that Truberbrook trailer hypes me up!

@Mr Underhill Considering most of us are consumers it would be nice to get perspective from the other side

In other news, has anyone played Eselmir and the five magical gifts? The artwork is like straight out of a fairy tale and apparently its 15+ hours long and it's all heavy story/lore, which sounds amazing. The main "negative" I read was it is only for people who don't shy away from paragraphs and paragraphs of dialogues/tomes, which just sounds like a fleshed-out, inviting world. It's also on sale on Steam right now. 75% off
I picked it up and hopefully will get around to it sooner than later. Justadventure's review sold me on the game, was just waiting on a sale to nab it. It's only $3.49 for now (Well for the next 7 hours)
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Truberbrook preview on RPS https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/20...ks-like-a-dream-and-handles-like-a-nightmare/

On the subject of how adventure games are faring in TYOOL 2018, I have so many thoughts to share, especially from the perspective of a dev about to release such a game... Hope I can scrounge together some time and put a few lines together later.
That new RPS re-design is beyond horrible. The new logo absolutely stinks and the colour scheme, somehow, is even worse.

I can't stand going there now
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Would be cool for this Seinfeld game (from the creator of Paradigm) to become reality one day. The dev keeps posting about it for over two years now (while still staying rather mum about overall progess and release date). Wonder if he'll be legally allowed by the rightholders of the show to release this game but I see so many hilarious possibilities for an adventure within the Seinfeld universe that I really hope to be able to play it one day soon.

Really wonder what's up with the spinning though. :D
Now that would be great. I'm surprised they are still talking/designing on it at this point. It's been like a running joke for so long. Love the spinning haha

Nearly 1,400 likes on Twitter is saying something

I like how someone asks how the dev is going and when it will release and he goes "secret". That probably gives us hope
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On the subject of how adventure games are faring in TYOOL 2018, I have so many thoughts to share, especially from the perspective of a dev about to release such a game... Hope I can scrounge together some time and put a few lines together later.
Now you got me curious - Judging from some of your older posts and your avatar you're involved with Gibbous, aren't you? I can't tell you how amazing this game looks at first glance: Beautiful graphics, magical looking universe, intriguing characters ...

Looks right up my alley and from all the games in this list it's actually the one I'm looking most forward to try. If puzzles and length will be the same quality as the impressions so far I'm going to be in heaven after release!

Looking very much forward to your perspective, thoughts and experience on the state of PnCs in 2018. But if you don't find the time right away I guess I also would't mind. After all that would probably only mean you'd be busy with putting the finishing touches onto Gibbous instead ;)
Has anyone played this yet? Return of the Tentacle (inofficial fan sequel for DoTT)

Surprised this hasn't been shot down by Disney so far but definitely looks promising. As far as I understand this isn't the full game but just the "prequel" so far (still 1GB size). Might give it a shot over the weekend.
P. S.: To get a first impression of it, I watched the first 2 minutes of Return of the Tentacle on a German Youtube channel and for a free, fanmade game the production value looks absolutely insane (incl complete German & English voiceovers and other languages as text). Graphics look like out of the DoTT remake. Even has achievements ...

Most people needed about 2.30 - 3.30 hrs to complete the game. Looking really forward when I'll have the time to play through it myself. Don't wanna jinx anything (and devs ask everybody to spread the word about the game anyway) but anyone who wants to play it should probably download it as soon as possible, just to be safe.
That's unquestionably deserved - Review numbers for Unavowed are through the roof! General praise everywhere you look for the voice acting, enhanced pixel graphics, story, puzzles and the game's replayability:
- 5 out of 5 stars on Adventure Gamer
- 90% on Gamespot
- 80% on PC Gamer
- 8/10 on Steam (for now at least, got a feeling this will improve - After all 33 out of 35 user reviews are positive)
- and a whopping 86% critic's score average on Metacritic.

Only a bit surprised by the low Metacritic user score so far but one article cited some technical problems which will certainly get ironed out asap. But from my experience the main reason people leave a 0 or 1 star scores on Metacritic are bugs or other technical issues - So the number probably has very little to do with the game itself. Not to mention it's just the average out of 5 scores so far.

Anyway, yay for the release! Kudos to Wadjet Eye for releasing on time. One of the most reliable and consistent devs/publishers in the genre. Makes it doubly sweet to hear about Unavowed's succesful start.
Been playing Unavowed very heavily for the past day and I'm really impressed with it. Above anything else I'd call it the most immersive game Wadjet Eye has produced. The environments genuinely capture New York City in a way that's a cut above the Blackwell games. For one the sheer number of environments is incredible to start with. But there's a real sense of connectivity screen-to-screen. The locations will sometimes wrap around, not to mention the quality in which they're rendered. It all comes together in a way that impresses a legitimately convincing sense of place imo.

It's also dripping with style. The "fantasy" aspect of Dave Gilbert's urban fantasy is cranked up to 10. Unavowed is just giving me a world that I love to spend time in. That aspect has got me hooked.

I'm finding the puzzles to be on the easier side of things. On some level that seems to come from a much more gentle, deliberate, difficulty curve than your average AG (things are beginning to get a bit more complicated in the last scenario I played*). On another level the puzzles are just fairly simple. There's pros and cons to it. I'm not getting the most intense moments of satisfaction from solving these problems... but on the other hand everything is well integrated into the plot and the game progresses at an even, steady, pace. I always like an adventure game I can recommend to my non-enthusiast friends as well.

It's worth mentioning that a lot of the vocal performances are stand-out great. It's something Wadjet Eye is known for but they've managed to step it up more than usual for Unavowed. Really impressed with Vicki's actress in particular. Overall I just can't wait to keep playing.

China-town level. After you find the new locations at the bar.l
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Seeing the opening 4 minutes of the Return of the Tentacle must praise the work that has been put into it...even if it is a fan-made project....this is probably the best we'll get anyway...there is about as much chance of getting an official sequel to it as there is of a sequel to Full Throttle ever coming out...
Seeing the opening 4 minutes of the Return of the Tentacle must praise the work that has been put into it...even if it is a fan-made project....this is probably the best we'll get anyway...there is about as much chance of getting an official sequel to it as there is of a sequel to Full Throttle ever coming out...
Same here, I played 20 minutes so far and am very impressed what they‘ve done with it. Extremely professional for a fan made game. Even Chinese and Romanian text localization. On top of that we also get to meet
Sam & Max

I‘m blown away by the effort that‘s been put into Return of the Tentacle and it‘s a shame Disney could issue a Cease & Desist any moment while at the same time having absolutely no interest themselves to make a sequel to any of the classic Lucas Art adventures (they‘re just collecting dust on the virtual Disney shelf) ...

Heck, in a total **** move Disney even has pulled the official Monkey Island remakes from the Apple/iOS App Store out of reasons still not entirely comprehensible to me. I bought both games back in the day - before App Store cloud saving - and now they‘re gone and I can‘t redownload them again. That really goes to show how much Disney cares about their newly acquired Lucas Arts catalogue (apparently, if the name isn‘t Star Trek it isn‘t interesting).

Taking all of this into account I really think they should just sell the rights to the Lucas Arts games to anybody who cares about and plans on doing something with them. Ron Gilbert asked them for the IP to Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion but atm it‘s pretty save to say that this won‘t happen. Out of whatever reason. It‘s not like Disney gives a damn about the titles.
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Seeing the opening 4 minutes of the Return of the Tentacle must praise the work that has been put into it...even if it is a fan-made project....this is probably the best we'll get anyway...there is about as much chance of getting an official sequel to it as there is of a sequel to Full Throttle ever coming out...
i just watched the first few minutes. man so great to see this in action. brings back so many feels.
i just watched the first few minutes. man so great to see this in action. brings back so many feels.
Same here :) . When I first posted the link to Return of the Tentacle yesterday I already was pretty impressed with the screenshots and the 1GB file size but just couldn‘t imagine that some hobby project could be this engaging. professional and especially do the original DoTT justice. But boy after I tried it, am I glad how wrong I was.

Puzzles, graphics, even voiceovers - Everything is completely top-notch. If it weren’t for the comparatively shorter length to a full adventure (not that 2-4 hours aren’t great for a free, fan-made title) this could be an official sequel and nobody would know the difference. And they made this game without any money ... Just imagine what those guys could do if they had funding, staff and the IP.
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So will there be a full version of the return of the tentacle is only a demo available this minute ?
Well, atm there is "just" the prequel. They're saying that they're working on the full game and I hope they can deliver - But as long as they don't have the rights they technically aren't allowed to offer or sell anything, even the free download now is in constant danger of receiving a C & D from Disney.

That's why I'm a bit skeptical on them finishing on what they say/set out to do. I wish them nothing but the best and it would be a dream come true for them to be able to finish the full game. But as it stands now, there's "only" the prologue - With a standard playing time of 2.20h+ (at least that's what most people in the game's forums reported, I hope I can get to the rest of the game on Saturday) I'd consider it a bit larger than a demo though.

Maybe we're lucky and it ends up like (King's Quest) The Silver Lining. Those guys got a Cease & Desist too after two big companies at first tried to shut down their game. After fan protests and later some good fortune they were able to continue it. Alas, this game wasn't anything to write home about though (not to mention that - even after years - they still haven't made good on their promise to release the last episode) especially compared to Return of the Tentacle.

I suppose the best we could do is to protest as much as possible should the RotT creators ever receive a takedown notice for the prologue ... To be frank, I really doubt there'll be more released of this game if those guys won't get the rights. The chance for this is small but if they would - with the help of some lucky star - really be able to acquire those they probably could and woud complete the full game - Maybe with the help of some crowdfunding.

As it stands of now - No IP, programmers and voice actors having to work for free in their spare time etc I think their goal to produce a full Tentacle game is a bit too lofty. Yes, they're saying that they're planning on releasing more and they also keep asking people to spread the word about the prologue. Of course I hope they'll be able to deliver but short of a miracle they'd probably run into legal hurdles soon enough. Not to mention that in the current situation they'd need the people involved to do much much more work for free for the rest of the game.

Still, I don't want to be too pessimistic, plus this is just me speculating of course. But I guess the only shot of ever getting the complete RotT game is if by a small chance they either could acquire the rights to the DotT IP and be able to make money of the thing - And of course I'd love to be wrong about this ;)
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What's up dudes. I promised I'd write a bit about how making an adventure game in 2018 is. Spoiler: it's hard as hell.

We started working on Gibbous back in 2015, working on the concept and demo in between contract work. It was really only in 2016, when we were funded on Kickstarter, that we could say to hell with client work and dedicate our lives to this game, and that's no exaggeration. I've taken 3 weeks of holiday in a bit over two years, and have been working 10-12 hrs straight for about a year now.

If you're making an indie game, an adventure is about the least cost-effective genre you could work in, other than maybe RPGs. You have 30 scenes in your game, that's 30 high-res detailed environment to paint (we have almost 70). And we're talking resolutions anywhere from HD (1920x1080) up to 6000x5000px. Some backgrounds in this game took me two weeks to paint.

Did I mention there were three of us for most of production? Two artists/animators/musicians and a programmer. I've got a lot of creative inclinations and I love wearing many hats. It was cool to do music and artwork one day, animation and writing/designing the other... On the other hand, we've embarked on making a game that would realistically probably take at least 15-20 people to make. How do you make up for that? Work some more! Screw social life, screw everything, this is your dream, make it happen. I'm not 20 years old anymore - I'm freakin' 36, and this insane work ethic has taken its toll on me. I could barely even notice my tinnitus back in 2016, now when I go to sleep it's like a stack of old TVs tuned to static and turned up to 11 in my head. But that's Ok, we're close to the finish line, and I'm super proud of what me and my team have accomplished.

This is a to-be-continued, I need to get back to editing voices and mixing music and cutting cutscenes and doing social media and ---

Anyway, this week we finally put our new trailer and Steam page up. Super proud right now, I won't lie.

And this is our Steam page. If Gibbous looks like something you'd dig, we'd truly appreciate you wishlisting it. Launching on Steam (which we hope to do this Autumn) is a super scary thing, and the more people wishlist our game the better the chances of getting eyes on the game are.

That's the thing - I'm convinced we've put enough passion and love and work into this project that people will buy it and support us in our dream to making games; what is scary is having to fight over gamers' attention with thousands of other projects, and being in a super niche genre. That's why every share and retweet counts. Telling someone really helps.

Thanks for reading, guys. I'll be back with more adventure-making thoughts later :)
The trailer looks amazing - With all the effort, love and passion put into this game I’m already pretty sure it’s gonna be one of 2018’s standout adventures. Going to wishlist it on Steam of course.

Can’t wait for autumn - Suppose the heatwave will be over by then PLUS the release of Gibbous (and Lamplight City). Hard to beat that :D
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Playing Unavowed atm. Great game, good writing. Puzzles not that hard so far but Wadjet Eye always has a unique style in that regard.

Ran into quite a few bugs so far though. Some would've been gamebreaking if a restart hadn't repaired everything. Hope they'll iron those out.

Otherwise very engaging game, wasn't completely sure about it at first but the longer you play the harder it becomes to stop :)
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Unavowed is INSANELY good. I Knew it would have been amazing, just never thought this much. I'm a huge fan of the Blackwell series, but this is the greatest Wadjet adventure by far.
Yes, the puzzles (so far, I'm still going on) are really easy, but the different ways to solve them paired to the writing, the characters, the setting, the art, the impactful choices and all those little details everywhere make it so damn great. It will be very, very hard for anyone to top this.
It's fantastic.

Side thought: This is how Telltale games should be.