Polygon: Xbox One policy "gross, despicable, greedy, pathetic, cowardly"


After a month of vague corporate comments from Microsoft executives, we now know the Xbox One's game licensing policy was written from the ground up for companies. It's aggressively anti-consumer and anti-middle class, and it outright ignores underprivileged gamers. It's gross, despicable, greedy, pathetic, cowardly and out of touch with a growing global resentment for corporations.
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Looks like MS isn't given the benefit of the doubt by a lot of people now.

Is this the worst reputation a company has ever had going into E3? They're gonna have to blow everyone away with games, and even that might not do anything.
"... but their stellar E3 performance has won us over nonetheless." to be added in a few days.

I kid, good assessment of the situation