Portable console screenshot thread (3DS/Vita) - Rules in OP

I'm currently copying my pictures over to my Surface Pro, and then I'll post more.

Also, some folks are posting more than 3 pictures! For shame!

Little Big Planet Vita:

Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack:

Uncharted: Golden Abyss:

Nintendo should make it easier for people to create screenshots and posted them to the public....

With Vita, all you need to do is just snap-snap-snap and then you can immediately upload to an imagehost through Vita... pretty simple.

While for the 3DS...

How do I post a 3DS screenshot? Update your 3DS to the latest firmware, allowing registration of (or linking to) an NNID and access to Miiverse. During play press the Home button to pause the game. Access Miiverse, and post your image on the service. Using your PC, access Miiverse to find your post. Save your image, and upload it to abload, imgur, or whatever. Post here.

Finding your image URL on Miiverse can be tricky. Here's some instructions:

You can also right click on the image, select "Inspect Element", then hit the drop down arrow to the right of the automatically highlighted <div class="screenshot-container">. This will show you an <img scr=URL that you can click on to directly access the image, save it, and upload to an image sharing service.
Miiverse doesn't let you save screenshots with right clicking, so Miiverse screenshot saving instructions:

When you find the post with the screenshot you want to save, view the page source (in Chrome, just right click anywhere on the page and it'll be an option), scroll down a bit to where it says
<div class="screenshot-container"><img src="https://URL HERE"></div>
and click that URL to open the screenshot in a new tab. You can technically embed that url in IMG tags to embed the image here, but it's probably smarter to just rehost it like the OP says.

You can also just Print Screen or whatever, but this is faster and easier. :p

It's free promotion, Nintendo, come on.

They fixed it? How bad was it before?! My load times are still horrible.
Now it is *tolerable* while before it was *unbearable*
some of those vita shots are pretty impressive. why are some 3DS pics different sizes btw? do some games not let you take screenshots at full res?
Man, those 3DS pictures are smallish but perfectly sized for the resolution of the screen. On the other hand, the massively sized Vita captures aren't doing the material any favours at all as compared to how it actually looks like on the screen. Especially if the game was subnative to begin with. You can really see which games are rendering at native from the posted ones.

EDIT:- Oh wait, those are direct screencaps aren't they? Just noticed the picture info from the posted screenshots. 400x240 is really that much smaller than 960x544.
ok, let's see how the 3DS miiverse shots fare against the 3DS capture device.

my shots are with the 3DS capture device since i haven't updated my 3DS yet.

Mario Kart 7

Ocarina of Time 3D

Pokemon Y