PowerUp 2012 | Fighting game tournament | April 13-15


PowerUp 2012 Premier Fighting Game Tournament Official Trailer


Stream provided by Team Sp00ky. Be aware that the internet at the venue is very unstable.


IRC Channel (for chat): #teamspooky on irc.quakenet.org


For more information, check the SRK thread.

The third annual PowerUp tournament is here! We promise improvements over last year's experience and even more good times. Save up your travel money and those sick days because from April 13 - 15 you should be no where else but at Arcade Legacy for PU2012.

PowerUp 2012 is proud to be a part of the EVO 2012 Tournament Season and provide official EVO seeding points to top finishers in: SSFIV, UMvC3, MK9, SFxT, SCV and KOFXIII.
Autumn Games, the publisher of Skullgirls, will be providing cash bonus for the top three placers as well as a custom FoeHammer arcade stick for the winner of the tournament.


Arcade Legacy
Art's Hobbies
Autumn Games
Boss Fight TV
Dream Cancel
Focus Fire
Gum Mods
Phreak Mods
Sirlin Games
Test Your Might


The King of Fighters XIII (PS3)
Mortal Kombat (PS3)
Skullgirls (360)
SoulCalibur V (PS3)
Street Fighter X Tekken (360)
Super Street Fighter II Turbo (ARC)
Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Ver.2012 (360)
Tekken 6 (PS3)
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (360)
Vampire Savior (ARC)

King of Anime

Community-run tournaments.

Arcana Heart 3
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND
Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core
Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code


The King (KOF XIII)
A 5v5 where each team member is locked to only one character from the KOFXIII roster. No duplicates allowed on a team.

The goal is to win five FT3 matches, but the catch is that each game within the FT3 is a fresh 1v1. This is similar to regular 3v3 KOFXIII, but instead of one player controlling the entire team, the entire team is controlled by three individual team members.

Mortal Kombat: Survival
Each team has 5 players. Each player selects 4 different characters from the roster to play. Goal: Eliminate the other team’s characters. The crowd selects which 2 players will play each Best 2/3 match. The players who are playing will blind pick from their selected roster of characters to start the Best 2/3 match.

Vampire Savior 8-vs-8 Team Exhibition
The full roster will be covered as the best representation for each character will battle each other! The cast will be split right down the tier list. Each team will have (2)S tiers, (2)A tiers etc.


Will expand as more information becomes available. You can check out the PowerUp pre-registration listing for a partial list of players.

Banana Ken
Chris Gamble
Derrick Legend
German Luger
Justin Wong
OmG iTz Andre
Osu 16 Bit
Mike Infinite
Noel Brown
Perfect Legend - was in attendance, left early
Tim Static
Tom Brady


All times are EDT (UTC -4).

I assume Current Code is run on arcade, right? There hasn't been a home port yet has there?

Pretty dumb of them to run Skullgirls on 360. Load times are way worse than the PSN version.
It has netplay as well :3

Pretty small confirmed list of players.
I'm just going by the pre-registered list. There's also on-site registration, so that will add quite a bit to the numbers. I haven't really been looking for info on player yet, so the current list is lacking.
Here's a heads-up on something I totally didn't know. Seeding points for EVO 2012 are for Top 12, not Top 16 as originally announced. I just learned about this literally minutes ago.


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Osirun was concerned that they'd be unable to stream anything at all since the venue's internet was so shitty. Supposedly they had that worked out at the last minute but I wouldn't be surprised if they just ended up recording a lot of footage offline and releasing that later instead of streaming all of it.
Clockwork's charity event tomorrow and all weekend long we'll have this tournament to watch. It looks like this weekend is going to be fun being a stream monster.


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Well, if they tested it and it's still shit, what are they supposed to do about it if that's what you have to work with?
Well, I would figure you would test this out before you even rent out of the place...

Meh, what do I know. It's their lost viewers, not mine.
High speed internet is probably the least of their concerns. They plan a tourney based on location, rent, capacity rather than if stream monsters can watch at high quality.
I fully understand the event comes first, it's just if they say an event's going to be steamed they should commit to that and figure out if that's actually going to happen prior to the night.