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PS5 fan started rattling. Doing the Hermen Hulst fixed it!


I got my PS5 two weeks ago and I was not impressed by the fan noise. I expected it to be a bit more quiet. Don't get me wrong, it is super quiet compared to PS4! So I opened it up to check which fan lottery I won. I got the fan from the unboxing video, which is not as quiet as the other ones I guess. I also noticed some coil whine from the power supply while playing Demon Souls etc. but nothing major, so I didn't bother much. So yesterday the fan started rattling out of nowhere. I opened it back up to check if theres something wrong with the fan or the sticker that some PS5 owners found inside, but I couldn't find anything. The fan still rattles.. So I tried to do the Hermen Hulst and put my PS5 upside down and it worked! The fan is now back to "silent" and stopped rattling. I will probably return my PS5 to Amazon or Sony in a of couple months when there's more supply, so I don't have to wait too long for a repaired PS5.


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Seems like some ball bearings shit the bad or some coil get shorted. Which means that this will probably progress more. I would return it honestly. I had this issue on my GPU started really mildly and then it was shaking with my case.
Doing the what? What is this Herman Hulst thing?

Herman Hulst is the head of PlayStation Worldwide Studios. He posted a tweet from his home of his cat and in the video you could see his PS5 was upside-down. He removed the tweet and re-uploaded the video with the PS5 cropped out.

Nice to see Sony going back to their roots and making a console that you need to run upside-down. I'd prefer they make a new Tomba, Ape Escape or Jumping Flash though.


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Seeing a lot of people posting lately about getting their same PS5 back all of a sudden and Sony reporting "no issues" only to still have the same problems. I will be VERY unpleasant to deal with going forward if they try to pull that on me.


Only noise I ever notice is when the system is reading a disc. Where can I check which "version" of the hardware I have?


Its looks on track to follow the Ps4s footsteps. Start out quiet, then turn into a loud mess. Thanks Mark.


There are very few problems considering there are already maybe 2 millions of PS5s in the wild.

Even if we had 1000 users reporting problems (and we're really really far from it, we have maybe a dozen users reporting problems), that would account for 0.05 % of PS5s if there are 2 millions of them in homes.

But you already know that, being a Xbox fanboy.
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Funny enough that was the first thing I did was open it and remove the fan. Reseated it to no avail. Even tried the rubber o-ring installation with no success.

It's getting swapped.

Here is was just a few moments ago when playing Madden 21

Don't forget to remove all overt signs of tampering BEFORE you ship it back, it might cause you to not get a replacement.
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