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PS5 owners who expanded the internal SSD: how big do I need to go? Share you experiences


1TB is enough. I was constantly deleting games on my internal SSD but after getting the 1TB internally, I went on a download binge and downloaded everything I could think of. And then I downloaded some more trash for my kid. Still have over 500 GB left.


got me a 1tb ssd on top of the internal 800 gigs, should be enough

I had a ps4 for 8 years with 500 gigs, so I should be okay


Depending how much you game on it...I don't play game all the time on PS5 so 1TB extra is more than enough for me, for now
It's easy to install despite what some say.

I have a 1TB drive from Nextorage and it's performing really well for me.
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uses 'M$' - What year is it? Not 2002.
2TB is enough If you go the physical way like I do.
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I have a 1TB SN850 that I recently got for quite cheap, they’re dropping in price. I have a 1TB external SSD drive also that I have for PS4 games so I am set for this gen.
I upgraded to a WD Black SN850 2TB drive and so far it seems to hold all my currently played games just fine, I obviously can't install everything I own, but I keep all my PS4 and PS5 games that I frequently play (around 10-15 or so games right now) stored on it and still have just over 1TB left, CoD is the biggest storage hog, if I didn't have any of those installed I would have a ton of free space left!


1tb is fine if you keep deleting stuff, but can keep a decent number at one time. If you play multiple gaas games then probably 2tb would be better
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It is but it’s also cool to be able to switch between games whenever you want. I have a digital PS5 so switching games with a couple of taps is cool and convenient.

It’s also the reason why I have an ADHD backlog. A smaller drive will probably bring more focus to your gaming habits. If I’m honest, I could delete all games and just keep GT7 and would be fine and happy.
I mean…I actually agree to an extent. But I think farrr too many gamers just hold onto games for no reason. My base ps5 has like 15 games on it that I’m not touching again probably. Idk…I feel like it’s just unnecessary 🤷‍♂️


I picked up a WD Black 1TB in the latest prime day sales. Seems enough for me along with the existing internal 650GB. I've got an external 5tb HDD drive plugged in too for PS4 games as well as a storage bin for ps5 games I'm not actively bothered about playing.

Just upgraded to gigabit fibre though, so deleting and re-downloading titles isn't as much of a concern anymore if I'm after the extra space.
Got 1tb wd black 850 for. 120 us with heat stuff (amazon prime days)

Never used … I delete games after I finish. Planning to take it out and use on my pc lol
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Thank you all for your very valuable feedback. I have a 1Gbit internet access and a 4TB external HD for PS4 so I would be edging for 1TB internal. The list one of you published with his games and GT7 being 120GB scared me a bit. Once UE5 becomes standard will games become bigger as they deal with bigger assets? At the same time spending €300 on top of €500 with another €4/500 earmarked for PSVR2 seems a lot....
I finally managed to get hold of a PS5 directly from Sony and I am planning to expand the internal M2 SSD off the bat. These bad boys are pricey!
Do you think 1TB is enough or would I regret it? I know that bigger is better but I also need to factor spending that much cash just after I forked out for the PS5 (disk edition).

Also do I understand it right that PS4 games can be run off an external HD? I already have most of my PS4 games installed on an external HD. Would they be recognized by the PS5 or would I need to reformat it and install them again?

Thank you guys in advance for any tip!

As "big" as you can afford. I just picked up my PS5 as well finally after almost 18 months of trying to purchase it MSRP. I was able to pick up the 2TB WD SN850 SSD during Amazon's Prime Day for $180 + $20 for the Sabrent heatsink. Took less than 3 minutes in to install, with a 6500 MB/s reading speed after formatting on the PS5.
This topic has convinced me to finally get an SSD external.

I've heard the T5/T7 are good choices, any other recommended options?

I'll probably go 1TB as I don't keep too much installed anyway, but depends on prices obviously.
Crucial MX500 is a good choice - due to the throughput limitations on external SSDs with the PS5, this is about as fast a drive as you need to get to maximise your PS4 games loading speed.


Went with WD on both my Ssd's.

Internal I did the Sn850.
External I went with the P50

The external is where I store all my ps4 games

Internal is for some ps5 games.


I strongly recommend getting a dirt cheap external HDD as well for PS4 games. Buying a 2TB one took off a lot of strain from my internal storage. As the gen goes on it will probably become less relevant but for now its still really worth having.


I think 2TB is plenty, it was enough for the PS4 and with game sizes being basically the same/smaller it's still enough.


Crucial MX500 is a good choice - due to the throughput limitations on external SSDs with the PS5, this is about as fast a drive as you need to get to maximise your PS4 games loading speed.

Yeah the MX500 is a good choice for external. I'm planning to get a external 1tb MX500 for PS4 games and a SN850 at least 1tb.



There's no need to keep all them games installed.
This depends on how you play games, and your internet speed.
Can I delete (ex.) Elder Scrolls Online or Destiny 2 when I do not play it for a while sure, but it would still take me a 5-8hrs to download ~100GB or so to re-download and then the urge to play might have passed, because when I wanna play I wanna play then and there.

Also... Do PS5 do that dumb shit still like the PS4?
Game 100Gb + patch 50GB = need at least 50gb free for patch to download, then 150gb extre free space so the new updated version of the game can be written on disc before it deletes the old version.?
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