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Lissar you get bonus points for using the correct plural of platypus.

Platypodes is also acceptable.
Hohoho, I know my Latin and Greek plurals.

ON THE OTHER HAND I think this is relavent:

Yes I am subscribed to Merriam-Webster on Youtube. Yes I do have a favorite dictionary, this is not weird!! D:

Now those are dangerous!
I know all about yer drop bears little lady. *stare*
Man, I had woken up like 5 minutes before and wasn't even wearing my glasses when I wrote that. *is not wearing glasses now in fact* Give me at least a little wiggle room here.
Bro-Lissar translation: "C'mon brah, I got a bitchin' hangover here from that awesome party we had last night. YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED BRO, RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT? HAHAHAHA, YEAH YOU KNOW DAWG."
I'd take the spiders over the bogans.

Also, watch out for drop bears.
Bogans probably kill more. :p

I read that there hasn't been a spider bite death since the introduction of antivenom.

I was watching 'Have I Got News For You' (a British TV show) and saw this picture.

Apparently it was attacking a dog with what appears to be a Kung Fu kick. lol

I remembered hamsters being mentioned in this thread and thought I would post it here.

Kung Fu Hamster brings the pain with incredible flying kick in dog attack
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