Resident Evil 6 trailer (Full campaign co-op) [Oct 2, Length, No Wii U for now, more]

The old games always ran with the premise that Wesker was principally immortal. That dude was killed more times than I can remember, but he always came back.

Then some moron who bangs Milla Jovovich out of his free time killed Wesker in a movie by simply exploding him in a heli.

I guess Wesker is back now. As his own son.

I hope the real Wesker is lurking in the shadows somewhere...
Wesker actually survived in the 4th liveaction RE movie.
Story-wise, it looks incredible.
So many elements, so many stories in it... I wonder how we will play the game though. We choose the protagonist at the beginning as in RE2 to see two different plots?
Do not like Leon's new look at all. Don't like his new voice (?), either. They guy who has done Leon since RE4 should still be doing it :/

Figures Wesker would finally get killed and then that would happen. At least he's not a carbon copy.

But I am still looking forward to RE6.

Who's Sherry?
Was she the girl in RE2?
Yep. She's had the dormant G-Virus inside of her since the end of RE2, so it makes sense she would still be an important character in the series.
Yay, Sherry! Ada!

Leon vs. Chris was quite cool, too.

I especially loved the stealth announcement of Resident Evil Eastern European Revelations.



the piano man
everyone was invited to the party in this game, this is such a fanservice trailer :D


cautiously optimistic, I need to learn that is is a single player game otherwise i'll turn araound and never look back.
Man, that was pretty great! Say what you will about Capcom but they certainly know how to put together a trailer.

Wasn't that new CG movie supposed to take place in eastern Europe?
Really?, it sound like Sally Cahill to me, or another VA trying to sound like her.
Yeah, Ada sounded a bit different in RE4 at first, but then we gradually got used to her. In DSC, she sounded very different, but was still played by Sally Cahill. Could go either way, but the ORC one isn't too bad either.