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Rumor: Bethesda will announce Skyrim remaster at E3


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Link to the article (in German)

Like last year, Bethesda will organize its own press conference at the upcoming E3 in Los Angeles . As the self-appointed industry insiders » Shinobi602 " claiming an announcement of Skyrim remakes is us there allegedly presented . The HD - remastered version of Elder Scrolls RPG to its information appear after for PS4 and Xbox One .
Wie auch im Vorjahr wird Bethesda auf der kommenden E3 in Los Angeles eine eigene Pressekonferenz veranstalten. Wie der selbsternannte Brancheninsider »Shinobi602« behauptet, wird uns dort angeblich eine Ankündigung eines Skyrim-Remakes präsentiert. Die HD-Remastered-Version des Elder-Scrolls-Rollenspiels soll seinen Informationen nach für PS4 und Xbox One erscheinen.


This was on the H.A.M Radio podcast and I don't recall him saying which game was getting remastered, but if it were being announced at Bethesda's conference then we kinda know what it's gonna be. lol


And then after they announce it they're gonna say its included with preorders of The Elder Scrolls VI releasing this November, right?


With extensive modding, you could get a Skyrim that looks better than any remaster though...

What's the point?
I probably won't buy this if it's just the PC settings at ultra, i would want mod support along with new texture work and perhaps a smattering of new content.

Chances of this? Probably nil.


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I don't see any sense on this (easy money... I know) but they modded this game so much since 2011 that doesn't make sense.


Don't mods render this moot? I guess consoles didn't get that but from a PC gamer standpoint I wouldn't buy it.


Huh, does it even need a remaster? I'd rather see Oblivion remade with Skyrim upgrades (officially, I mean).
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