Rumor: Downloadable Expansion To Marvel vs Capcom 3 Possibly Coming [Sven/Seth: No.]

UPDATE: Niitsuma's interesting Twitter comment!/Ryota_Niitsuma/status/178414902740910080


Translates to: "The DLC costumes are out, and for now that is all."
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Thought this needed more attention than shoved away at the official thread.

hey all - there's a listing for a new marvel vs capcom 3 version in the computers here at gamestop.

ULTIMATE MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3X - "Expand the ultimate experience. 8 new challengers join the fight!"

there's a listing for july 3 for a dlc voucher @ $14.99 and july 24 for a packaged disc version @ $39.99.

not sure if i can post this, but this is what they're using for the placeholder.

so.. announcement soon, maybe?
Credit goes to cednym for posting this.

Captivate 2012, here I come.
If I understand this correctly and this is true, there is going to be a 15 dollar DLC for 8 characters?

EDIT: I remember them saying no DLC, which is why I am confused.
Hence why MvC3 was the last Capcpom game I will ever buy day one.

Never again.

Will wait for Resident Evil 6: Gold, Super Deluxe, Ultimate Challnege, Game of they Year, Better with Kinect Edition.

Rumor? Denial is the most predictable of all human responses. But, rest assured, this will be the second time we have destroyed the fighting genre, and we have become exceedingly efficient at it.
The DLC voucher thing makes it sound like it's going to be distributed like SFIV AE, in which case, I'm not understanding the "fuck i shouldn't have bought umvc3" posts.
how well did ultimate sell? i mean there were super-steep dropoffs from vanilla sf4->ssf4 and then an even steeper decline to ae, right? how much money do they actually expect?


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I'd be ok with this if they offered the characters individually and as a single package. But watch them turn it into a disc based update due to absence of certain "hooks."
Naturally there will be people who will say "UMvC3 should have come out in July 2012 with these characters included". Which is a fair point I couldn't argue much against.

But $15 for 8 characters ain't a bad deal.
lol really? Well I haven't found a used copy of UMvC3 yet so I can stand waiting a few more months (or another year for this XD).
...but 8 characters for 15 dollars?
Good if true. No chance I will buy it, but I love the pros using new characters in marvel.

On the negative side I propose a ban on character begging. If true, it is already decided...
lol really? Well I haven't found a used copy of UMvC3 yet so I can stand waiting a few more months (or another year for this XD).
...but 8 characters for 15 dollars?
SSFIVAE was $15 for 4 new characters, so I'd say this is a better deal if we're just going by number of characters.


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At this point, can't they just "Valve it" and say "for being great fans" and give the characters for free?

Whatever, no chance I'll buy this but will watch streams.
For rational people, I can understand (and even expect to see) frustration or general mocking of Capcom. I'm so hopelessly hooked on this game that I'd gladly pay for more characters, though.

Having admitted to this, I suppose I can't mock people who readily eat up $15 map packs for shooters anymore.
This is why I skipped Ultimate. Also, I think $14.99 is a fair price for an expansion like this. (I'm a little upset Ultimate couldn't have expanded Vanilla in a similar manner for my proposed price of $19.99 or $24.99.)