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Rumor: Horizon: Zero Dawn delayed to early 2017

Nov 20, 2008
Houston, TX
Wasn't halo 5 shown at e3 for like 3 years.
yes, but people want to pretend that the date shown at the announcement was for the game being *unveiled* even though MS never said that initially. there's zero reason to give any sort of date with a game announcement unless it's implying to the audience that the date is when they can expect to get the game.

it's a delay because so many people thought that's when the game was supposed to come out (despite how unrealistic it seemed), and turned out not to be the case. same as Tomorrow Children. they gave a weird nebulous year as to when it would come out but then kind of pretended that never happened and focused attention toward the beta releases, and now they're actually (sort of) talking about release window.

i mean, it's fine in the grand scheme of things, but let's not pretend MS is infallible and would never delay a game. i remember last gen everyone talking about how Sony was incompetent and MS would *never* delay a game because they had their shit together, but times change, and sometimes you have to push stuff back. it's okay, we're all okay.

i just can't wait until Sony gets ball deep into their new plan of only announcing games when they're much closer to release. if not for the shorter wait time, but also because time after time i get fooled into hype for a game because the unveiling/announcement gave me a much different idea as to what the game would be than what the final product was. announcing closer to launch could mean seeing in game footage much sooner.

ie: CG trailer showing wizards and knights battling each other with glorious lighting and music and sound effects, and then the game hits the cover of GI 6 months later and it ends up being a card game like Hearthstone or Magic the Gathering or something and i get disappointed. (this is a made up hypothetical example)


Oct 13, 2014
Ultimately it doesn't mean it can't be delayed, but (if the flyer is confirmed real) it would also mean that Sony is (was) pretty confident it would drop in 2016.

Love the art still.
This one in particular reminds me of the old school Keith Parkinson Everquest art.



Sep 19, 2007
If shinobi rumor was based on a recent decision makes sense printed copies still has the flyer.
Game was gold a month before the rumor.