[Rumor] New Games from Ubi: AC Liberation HD, AC Pirates, Endwar Online, more

via GAF member Gskyace and A9VG BBS

Apparently from Ubisoft's fall Digital Day event:

New Titles
  • Assassin's Creed Liberation HD
  • Assassin's Creed Pirates
  • Autodance II
  • Child of Light (I know we kind of know about this one, but it's still new)
  • Endwar Online
  • Rabbids: Big Bang
  • Rayman: Fiesta Run
  • Valiant Hearts: The Great War
Known Titles
  • Might & Magic: Duel of Champions
  • Panzer General Online
  • Poptropica: Forgotten Islands
  • The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot
  • Trials Frontier
  • Watch Dogs
AC Liberation HD will happen. I knew about it since pre-Gamescom and I was really surprised that they didn't announced it there. PS3/X360.
EndWar huh? I was hoping to see a new EndWar at some point and it would be perfect for the Xbox One and having the refined Kinect/Voice stuff should make it fun.
One thing that's missing from that list that has been heavily rumored from Ubi is Far Cry HD for PS3 and 360.

Wonder if they ever will confirm that.
OMFG Fiesta Run get into my veins

Wonder what Rabbids Big Bang is. I always hope they make a new adventure game ala Go Home, but you cant even expect these games to be minigame compliations anymore. The past few have been a 2d platformer, some weird fighter, and that TV show thing

Not having a Vita yet, im excited for Liberation HD! Im not sure what the reception of that game was, but I just like pirates and naval stuff so sign me up
I knew Liberation would get an HD version. There were too many good promo shots that looked on par with AC3. Hopefully there will be made content and the glitches are removed
I remember when I use to love Assassin Creed. Now I feel it has been exhausted to the point that I can't even materialize the game in my head. My goodness. How many does there need to be.
Didn't know the Vita wan't HD.
It's technically qHD. IIRC the Q is short for Quarter, and the resolution is actually 960x540. It's just kind of easy to mistake because of both the pixel density and the actual quality of the display itself.

As for the list itself... Ugh. I really hate Ubisoft. I try to not get excited about anything they show because the vast, vast majority of stuff they publish turns out to be rich creamy shit.
Just a thought, maybe they're releasing a new PS Vita model where the screen has a higher res?

If not, AC:L on PS3 would be quite cool, I guess.

I also wonder if AC: Pirates is a Vita game.
I feel like, at this point, every digital release should also include a PC version for posterity's sake. I'm interested in some of these games, but I don't want to be uncertain of their future should something happen to my aging consoles.
Just a thought, maybe they're releasing a new PS Vita model where the screen has a higher res?
Sony would have to throw a ton of money at Ubisoft for this to happen, never mind the ridiculous business case for making an HD Vita that would just split your userbase even more for what gain, exactly?

I mean, I love my Vita and I thought Liberation was a good effort from Ubisoft (even if it ended up not being the greatest game), but it doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever to release this for a mythical HD Vita that will almost certainly have a smaller userbase.
Ohh I hope Assassin's Creed pirates is a 3DS game. I'm still so mad we never got the one announced at E3 2010, especially considering how good the 3DS turned out. Hopefully Liberation comes to Wii U, I love that it's a black female New Orleans protagonist = )