[Rumor] New Games from Ubi: AC Liberation HD, AC Pirates, Endwar Online, more

Jun 7, 2004
New York, NY
Personally, I think It's a shame for Kotaku.That's twee.

In their article and replies, how they "understand" the NDAs, is just fun to read.
It's like they are totally innocent. : D But actually, if they've signed the NDA, they should have keep it anyway. So now they want the news covered, the page view growed, with no responsibility taken. That's weak.

If I've signed the NDA, we would have followed it anyway we could. I won't even retweet the leak because it's potentially break the rules. But this time, I could say the leak is from the Ubisoft staff, and I don't sign the NDA or any agreement with Ubisoft. Then it's free for me to report and post.

So Kotaku should have quoted the A9VG and Neogaf rightly, like other media.Please don not use "somebody", which sounds quite evil. XDDD It's a basic for media to at least quote right, isn't it?
They didn't leak the image themselves. They're not confirming anything beyond what's already leaked on other sites. And as Totilo and Schreier have said, they've consulted with their lawyers beforehand.

I fail to see the problem here.
Mar 30, 2013
Didn't read through the whole thread, but...

AC:L HD is obviously what everyone was expecting: the console port for Liberation.

Pirates looks like it's the tablet tie-in app for Black Flag, right...? What's the consensus on this?

In any case, absolutely stoked for Fiesta Run. Jungle Run is one of the few tablet games I actually enjoy, and more Rayman is never a bad thing in my book.