Rumor: Quantum Break delayed to early 2016

So Tomb Raider pops back on to my radar. I can wait for QB if the devs need more time, and it was looking pretty crowded for the TPS action/adventure games with TR/QB/UC4
So this is yet another game that was announced way too early to generate goodwill with the hardcore crowd and early adopters :-/
To be honest, while the game has a appealing visual style, the actual mechanics didn't really grab me. Better deliver a good product then rush it out.
So what does that leave at retail for the year? Forza, Halo and Tomb Raider? And they all appear to be slotted for the end of the year? Not a very good year imo. All this does for me is make it really easy to continue to wait for a complete console redesign before buying.
What a shock.

Perhaps seeing how the Order got treated had them worried?

I'm not being entirely serious of course, but when you're making a cinematic corridor shooter at a time when such games are being shit on left and right, I could see how putting some distance out there might be tempting.
Hmm. makes sense.

Now how can i relate this delay with dx12(full)/win10 implementation and say it'll be even prettier?

Seriously can't wait for this game!!! I want a Alan Wake re-release on the One. .. oh fun times with the gameplay using Light. :')
Sad that it's delayed but a little glad it is too. The end of this year already has Halo 5, Forza 6, Rise of the Tomb Raider, plus whatever they might announce at E3, plus all the third party games like Battlefront, Black Ops 3, Assassins Creed, The Division, MGSV, etc.
That would be a shame if it's delayed. Even worse if it skips this holiday season. Halo and Tomb raider have a lot riding on their shoulders if this is true.

unless...*dons tinfoil hat* QB will now be using AR as an optional extra to combat the launch Morpheus in 2016.