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Rumour: God of War 4 to be set in Norse Mythology.

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Didn't see a thread on this.

This new juicy tidbit comes courtesy of Shinobi. I CANNOT WAIT!

Bring on all those Norse motherfuckers. Can't wait to tear them new holes.

E3 mayhaps?!



Lets now bitch and moan over whether they'll remove Kratos or not.

EDIT: Nerdleaks is on this too, it seems.

NerdLeaks ‏@Nerd_Leaks 3h3 hours ago
NerdLeaks Retweeted shinobi602
Valhalla? Absolutely YES. #GodofWarIV
A BIG leak is coming. #soon #StayTuned

NerdLeaks ‏@Nerd_Leaks 19m19 minutes ago
GOW Leaks publishing within 1 hour.

EDIT 2: http://nerdleaks.com/videogames/god-of-war-iv-here-are-some-concept-arts-showing-kratos-in-norse-mythology-246

Concept art above.


So Uh, I'm not too educated with Norse Mythology, can someone tell me notable people in this area?


Thanos acquires the fully powered Infinity Gauntlet in The Avengers: Infinity War, but loses when all the superheroes team up together to stop him.
What if we play as a valkyrie?




Wait, what?

Are they really changing mithology then? Wow.

I thought for sure it would still be greek, maybe some kind of reboot.


I wonder how they will explain everything?


Kratos needs to die. (As the main protagonist. Keep him around, but let's move on from his story.)

Lets have a new God of War protagonist. A tough and strong female Kratos would be epic. I would love to play as a strong brute of a women who becomes a God. The women in Norse are all tough and strong, give them a nice thick accent and we have a very interesting character.


It makes all the sense in the world that they'd continue this after 3, with Kratos in there, given how it ended, with his body missing in the end. So many interesting directions they can take this to!
Norse is one of the more violent ones with the most recognizable gods after Greek, so it's the obvious choice. Got a bump from Thor too.

Joey Ravn

I'm having a massive dèja vu reading this thread.

Not in the sense of "these are rumors I've heard before", but as in "I have read this thread before".

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