Scared shitless here GAF.

Tonight we had to call an ambulance for my son. I've made threads before about a condition he has called benign rolandic epilepsy. But tonight he had a seizure on a whole new level. He was turning blue from not breathing. The EMT thought the problem is worse than what he is diagnosed with due to his response as she examined him and what happened during the seizure. Now it's a whole new hospital and more rounds of tests. Needless to say he is very scared and so are we. Now the hard part of waiting begins.
You got him where he needs to be, unfortunately you can't do anything else now... but you did what you could. Can't imagine, but I also can't imagine what else you could do.
Sending you good juju. I can't imagine all the emotions you are going through right now :(

My younger brother had epilepsy when he was young. Fortunately it was a one time thing but my mom still remembers that day and moment very vividly. I still remember the shock and terror my parents were going through at the time. It sticks with you, man.
That is scary. But didn't they do some experiment where they give kids thc oil for this condition? I thought I saw a thread about that.
It's CBD oil

CBD is non-phychoactive and effects a different receptor in the brain that has more to do with physical effects than mental. It's what the experiential epilepsy treatments have centered around.

One of the most well-known instances is the 'Charlotte's Web' strain from Colorado, but more people are using it now.

-Thinking of you and your fam OP, glad you could get him help in time
I'm sorry you guys have to go through this. I really hope everything resolves itself as well as it possibly can. Sending positive vibes and prayers.
Thoughts with you, your family and especially your little boy super-heated plasma. Can't begin to imagine how I'd cope but, as the parent, I know you'll be awesome.


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Hey man ive had grandmal/pettymal epilepsy since i was 12 hope it all works out mate it is "normalish" for breathing to stop