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Shin Megami Tensei Vengeance releases June 14th 2024 [Multiplatform]


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  • A new Da’at
  • New Level Cap
  • Female Protagonist
  • A new dungeon
  • New quests
  • Ally demons now have unique skills
  • Over 40 new demons
  • Auto-battle
  • Two brand new DLC chapters
  • All previous DLCs included in the base game
  • Nintendo Switch owners of the original Shin Megami Tensei V can carry over data of up to three demons to Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance’s Demon Compendium

What is Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance?
Released in 2021, Atlus’ renowned RPG ”Shin Megami Tensei V” (SMTV), has sold more than 1 million copies worldwide. This highly acclaimed game has evolved in every aspect, including the system and scenario, and will be available on multiple modern platforms!
At the beginning of the story, the player is presented between two routes. The story told in Shin Megami Tensei V, the Canon of Creation, and a brand-new route, Canon of Vengeance, a dramatic tale of revenge by the fallen.
The Canon of Vengeance follows the scenario of SMTV, but changes drastically from the latter half of the game. The outcome will be completely different. Enjoy the two divergent stories to your heart’s content.
The battle system, demon fusion, and field exploration have also evolved in depth with the addition of new elements. We are excited to deliver a full-fledged RPG that can be enjoyed by those who have already played SMTV, as well as those who are playing this series for the first time.
Thou shalt be God — When a grisly murder scene in modern-day Tokyo blocks our protagonist’s walk home, an unplanned detour leaves him buried and unconscious. He awakens in a New Tokyo, a wasteland ravaged by apocalypse now called Da’at – but before bloodthirsty demons can claim his live, a savior emerges, and the two of them unite to become a mighty being, neither human nor demon: a Nahobino.
Revenge Awaits — Demons attack humans and seek to create a world of chaos.
Bethel, an organization that seeks to protect God’s order.
Caught up in the conflict between the two, while exploring Da’at, the protagonist meets and starts traveling with Yoko Hiromine.
Using magic, Yoko and the main character stand together on the front line.
The Qadištu , 4 female Demons stand in their way. “Found it, the Key of Resurrection……” A member of the Qadištu, Lilith calls protagonist the Key of Resurrection, and herself The Oppressed.
What is their purpose? A tale of revenge by the oppressed begins.
The Oppressed: The Qadištu
In the Canon of Vengeance, four female demons appear in front of the protagonist. Another story of creation told by new Demons.
  • Character: Lilith (VA: Katelyn Gault) “I am Lilith of the Qadištu The one to restore the world to what it ought to be.” A woman who is said to have been Adam’s first wife in the Old Testament. Later left Garden of Eden and turned into a demon. Leader of the Qadištu. In order to achieve an unidentified goal, she stands in front of the protagonist.
  • Character: Protagonist/Nahobino: A high school senior living in Tokyo. On his way back from school, he is involved in a tunnel collapse and wanders into an apocalyptic version of Tokyo, Da’at. His hobby is reading. The protagonist fuses with Aogami and becomes a “Nahobino,” using this power to fight back demons. The decision-making during the Nahobino state lies with the protagonist, and Aogami guides him with his voice.
  • Character: Aogami (VA: Damian Mills) “Regardless of what may happen, rest assured that I will always protect you.” A mysterious man who appears before the protagonist, who is being attacked by a demon in Da’at. By taking the protagonist’s hand, he transforms into a condemned being, the Nahobino. He seemingly participated in the war 18 years ago, but his memory of it has slipped away.
  • Character: Yoko Hiromine (VA: Erin Yvette) “With no one to save them, in the back of their mind, the victim desires only one thing: revenge against the assailant”. She is a senior in high school at St. Marina Academy. Cool and somewhat mysterious. She meets and works with the protagonist in Da’at. She has always possessed mysterious powers and was once called a “saint”. At the academy, she has been recognized for her power and learned exorcism magic. She also participates in the battles.
Over 270 Demons
In addition to existing demons, this title features more than 270 demons, including new demons newly drawn by the character designer Masayuki Doi. Enjoy an incredible demon experience!
Included with SMTV DLC Demons and Quests!
The demons and quests that were available with Shin Megami Tensei V are included in this title as standard features! Experienced players are encouraged to try their hand at these challenging quests.
– A Goddess in Training
– The Doctor’s Last Wish
– The Rage of a Queen
– Return of the True Demon
Evolution in depth!
Every system of Shin Megami Tensei V has been brushed up in detail and new elements have been added, including field exploration, demon conversations, battles, growth elements, and new demon experiences! Of course, with multiple endings – this is truly the definitive version of SMTV.
Adding unique skills to all demons, new interactions with demons, and more…Many other new elements! Stay tuned for more information!
Additional DLC
DLC featuring new demons will be distributed simultaneously on the release date.
Demon God Dagda from Shin Megami Tensei IV FINAL and Newly introduced is the demon Goddess Konohanasakuya, newly drawn by character designer Masayuki Doi!
Holy Will and Profane Dissent

When the protagonist goes to investigate a mysterious reaction, he meets Danu, the earth mother goddess, who claims to have come from a world that exists in another universe. Danu is apparently searching for his son, Dagda. The protagonist embarks on a search for Dagda with Danu. By completing the game, Dagda can be made an ally, and fusion will be unlocked.
Sakura Cinders of the East
Konohana Sakuya laments the turbulent world and searches for a hero who can pacify the world. She sees an image of a certain hero within the protagonist and challenges him. Winning the battle will allow you to make Konohana Sakuya your ally, and fusion will also be unlocked.
In addition, earning DLC that makes it easier to gain experience and in-game currency will be released at the same time.
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Similar to Nocturne Maniax version same game with added story.
Some same game + new content? That sounds great, didn't play it on Switch because performance + resolution didn't look good to me so I waited for Switch 2 or PC version (whatever comes first lol). This is day 1 for me.


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Remember to use JP voices to sound amazing. I look forward to naming the Protag BLUE GRIFFITH accordingly.

ENG: Little boy in school

JP: Demon King



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Also reminder…..

There is big hint that SMT5 takes place after true demon ending in Nocturne.


Is this normal Shin Megami Tensei V just enhanced over the Switch version that came 2 years ago?
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Ohh it's a PS5 release? I didn't even released that, thought it was some DLC for the Switch.

Really curious to see the difference between this and Persona.

The Persona formula needs some new twist in my opinion, it's getting tiresome.
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So will this be available as DLC for owners of the original? Or is this one of Atlus’ signature “DLC you can only get by buying the whole game over again” scams?


Ohh it's a PS5 release? I didn't even released that, thought it was some DLC for the Switch.

Really curious to see the difference between this and Persona.

The Persona formula needs some new twist in my opinion, it's getting tiresome.
it's coming to every platform


My dumbass bought and never opened a Switch copy so I guess I'll be buying it again for Xbox whenever I finally make time to play it


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Really curious to see the difference between this and Persona.
If you played SMT like SMT Nocturne or SMTIV… you will notice you don’t “equip” demon’s like you do in Persona, instead they are your party members.

You also increase individual stats like magic or physical for the main character.

Also “press turn” is very different than Once More system in Persona 3-5.
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Ohh it's a PS5 release? I didn't even released that, thought it was some DLC for the Switch.

Really curious to see the difference between this and Persona.

The Persona formula needs some new twist in my opinion, it's getting tiresome.
It doesn't work around a calendar like a Persona game and its way less story heavy

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So this is the original game plus a new side/epilogue campaign?

I really liked SMT5; worst thing about it was the fact that it was stuck on hardware that struggled to run it well.


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Persona 3 REload in the Winter, SMTVengeance in the Summer, Metaphor Refantazio in the Fall. 2024 is the year of Atlus.
It's the year of Japan I'd say, Granblue relink, Yakuza 8, Dogma 2. Jesus, leave some money in my wallet for the rest of the year.

Edit: Forgot Tekken, Rebirth, Ronin and whenever Elder Ring DLC releases.

Japan trying to bankrupt us, this is how I've always imagine the world would be if they won WW2.
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