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Shin Megami Tensei Vengeance releases June 14th 2024 [Multiplatform]

SF Kosmo

Al Jazeera Special Reporter
Ohh it's a PS5 release? I didn't even released that, thought it was some DLC for the Switch.

Really curious to see the difference between this and Persona.

The Persona formula needs some new twist in my opinion, it's getting tiresome.
It isn't much like Persona. They maybe share some tone/theme, and the battle system and demon fusion are broadly similar, but SMT5 is much more of an open-zone (the whole game is like 4 open world areas that aren't connected) JRPG with a lot of exploration. Way less dialog, way more go-at-your-own-pace. There are a handful of "dungeons" but the vast majority of the game takes place in these open world environments.

Mister Wolf

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So this is the original game plus a new side/epilogue campaign?

I really liked SMT5; worst thing about it was the fact that it was stuck on hardware that struggled to run it well.

Two different story campaigns with different endings that you choose between at the beginning of the game. The video I posted summarizes everything different.
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Here's the 4 new female demons we'll encounter on the new routes.

I guess it is something like Royal for P5.

I wonder when other SMTs are coming considering the rumors about remakes (remasters) or something?

SF Kosmo

Al Jazeera Special Reporter
Two different story campaigns with different endings that you choose between at the beginning of the game. The video I posted summarizes everything different.
That feels like this is aimed squarely at double-dippers. More appealing than things like Royal where the new content is mostly at the end. Tempting.
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From the other forum:
  • New QOL features
  • New route chosen at the beginning
  • 160 hours of content in full
  • The new ass n tiddies demon group ("Goddesses of Vengeance") are called the Qadistu, led by Lilith
  • New girl is named Yoko Hiromine
  • New Da'at, new dungeon, smoother exploration
  • Numerous new quests
  • All ally demons have unique skills
  • New (undisclosed) battle features
  • Over 40 new demons
  • Interact with ally demons
  • Improved auto battle
  • DLC from OG version is included in the base game + new DLC
  • Level cap is 150
  • Skill scenes speed up
  • Miracles on/off certain aspects
  • Stat reallocation for Protagonist
  • Mimimap rotation
  • Save Anywhere
  • Consumable growth items can be used in batches now


Finally, can't wait to replay the game on PC. Best news all week for me, I needed this. My dog passed away and I just came home from the vet, so this news definitely is my own little ray of sunshine today.


Finally, a version of this game with a stable framerate. I can buy it!

Remember guys Persona 3 Reload won't get an improved version with additional content... they won't do it...

Never forget Persona 4 Platinum. Expect a whole, new character who's good at everything and becomes friends with SEES (even though Persona 3 already does this anyway).


This is great news. I have it for Switch but the performance turned me off. Grabbing for PS5 since they won’t put it on Apple Silicon hardware.

I’m still hoping for a port of SMT IV, it’s the only modern one we can’t play on PC/Xbox/PS hardware.


YES, pc version is how SMT play so much better, mods, UI, cheat tables, let you customize your demons so much better, SMT with how the game is structured is almost meant to be played by pc if atlus done right. Moddable demons are such a huge opportunity on pc. Also someone do a full female looking demon nude mod to taunt gamebanana please! Am especially excited to see how will lame banana react if someone made alice nude mod, HA!
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Nice, I'll get on PC for the big screen (and possible handheld play in future) Switch struggled regardless of portable or docked so hampered the ol' enjoyment a bit before
Lol, I got smtv on switch twice and I'm going to end up never playing them now that a PS version exists.
Don't get too excited. I'm looking at the PS5 version and it clearly is just an up port from the Switch assets. It'll still run much better, but I doubt many will be impressed with the visuals if graphics and tech are very important to the individual.


Volcano High Alumnus (Cum Laude)
Fucking cool, Atlus coming in with the traditional re-release with new central female lead.

In for the PS4 version.

Buggy Loop

Oh shit, on Steam!

Why am I even bothering to buy anything outside Nintendo games on Switch from now on, even the switch exclusive deals all end up on PC, cept the Platinum games so far, god I wish Astral Chain would be on PC.
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