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Silent Hill gets an official twitter account. What could this possibly mean?

What could this possibly mean?

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A Silent Hill Reboot coming exclusive to PS5 has been making the rounds for over a month on the insider mill. Conflicting rumors had it being revealed at the PS5 reveal event but that turned out untrue. Insiders however doubled down and claim it's real and that it's happening; just pushed back by Sony. With the rumored State of Play slated for the next few weeks do you think Silent Hill is finally getting revealed? What do you think this new official twitter account, made at this specific point in time is hinting at?


Legit check:

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Cheap remake as it's Konami looking for cash?

It's a possibility. If it doesn't have the Sony Seal of Quality I'll be extremely wait and see on it. I think Sony wants their Until Dawn slot filler for next-gen which is why I'm leaning Sony but who knows.
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Why would they resurrect a dead ip just to have it die again? That’s fucked 😓
Do you mean the company that made the cash grab with Metal Gear Survive, after ousting its original creator and employee of 30 years by firing him before his final masterpiece in the series could be finished, and then releasing said unfinished product out with a rushed ending could ever treat a beloved IP with such indignity? I don't know. Doesn't seem like a Konami thing...


A lot of people didn't believe it a few months ago when the rumors pointed to PS5. Now that it's getting traction you think it's an xbox game? :messenger_grinning_sweat:


Reboot, developed by Japan Studio and headed by Keiichero Toyama (who originally created Silent Hill and now works for Sony), contributions from Kojima but no official credits outside of 'special thanks'.

PS5 exclusive.

Possible MGS deal based on success / sales.

(All my speculation)
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I think it will be multiplat if it comes. It's not big enough for an exclusive deal, the sales figures of the whole series for the last 20 years are not very impressive.
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