Sony: Gamescom to be focused on the PS4's lineup

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With the buzz around PlayStation 4 building, 2013 continues to be one of the most exciting years ever for video games fans. A host of next generation titles were unveiled at the PlayStation Meeting 2013 and E3 2013. At gamescom in August 2013 the focus will be on PS4 and its games line-up once again.


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Hopefully large number of demo booths, esp not just Sony area, but all other 3rd parties too.

Cos I'm going to there and I want to touch nextgen.
Vita can still have a good show even if the PS4 does.

But I am SO SHOCKED that the PS4 will be a cornerstone of their Gamescom coverage. It's like it's a new console or something.

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Will wait until I see the show before I get mad at Sony for ignoring their best platform. I am still optimistic for Sony to have some good announcments for their best platform.

The Vita is Sony's best platform. Not half as excited for PS4 as I was for Vita.