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News Sony Registers A New Trademark For PlayStation Experience Event Also Known As PSX


Nov 25, 2015
Sony has just registered a new trademark for a PlayStation Experience event which means that we could be seeing a PSX event later.
We previously reported about Sony’s Next Event being on July 8th, and this could be related to that. I think that we will definitely see a lot of games because this won’t be like the State of Play; it’s a big E3 type presentation by Sony, so when it happens, you can keep your expectations very high.


Jun 1, 2020
Dec 24, 2020
Seems very plausible. Sony love the glamour and attention that these big showcases bring and rightfully so, the amount of people that streamed into or watched last year's "The Future of Gaming" event was in the tens of millions so it was pretty much a given Sony would repeat that formula this year as well. I expect a huge blowout event in which we'll see multiple titles and my wish list is:

  • God of War Sequel Showcase
  • Bloodborne Remaster
  • Alleged Metal Gear Solid Remake from Bluepoint Games
  • Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay and Release Date

Hopefully by the end of this event there will also be little debate over what "next-gen gaming" is and means.


Apr 21, 2016
While all of this is very entertaining to us forum folk I'm not sure announcing a new Silent Hill this way, or MGS game for that matter, would garner maximum hype nor captivate the biggest audience possible?

Why not do this leading up to E3 so they can have their cake and eat it too? Will there be some Sony event soon or?
I asked this earlier in the Silent Hills/MGS/Blue Box thread and lo and behold... we got a Sony event.

Does anyone else want something? Apparently if I post something in a question form on NeoGAF it will come true.