Star Wars Battlefront III : Free Radical Design version


Hey everyone, I've been posting a ton of Battlefront III videos since this original post, but just tonight I posted over 1 hour of new footage of the game. Always willing to hear any former employee's opinions, just send me a PM!

Old Post:

I got my hands on some video and screens from the old, old build of BF3. I have no idea who is working on the game or anything of that nature. Nor do I know exactly where these came from. But they are real.

The 360 build shown is from March 2008, while the leaked video was likely PC footage taken closer to November of 2008. I believe it is a quick compile / port of the PC version, unoptimized, with PC references still remaining.

It's a buggy mess, like you would expect, but from what I can tell, the game was, at this stage, beginning to come together. I commend all the staff at Free Radical for the work they had done at this point, I can only imagine the heartbreak when it was actually cancelled months later.

I'm sure this will kill my website, but that's okay. (PS, is it really necessary to copy all of the screenshots for your own site's gallery? :p That's why I watermark things obnoxiously heh)

It's Past to Present Online, Kotaku. Not Pass to Play. Thanks <3 PS, if you remember Diablo on the Gameboy, that came from me as well, and Marvel unreleased, and Def Jam Icon 2... said:



Was Pandemic ever working on this before they were closed?

Edit: guess not, seeing as they were bought by EA. Sad that the studio that brought the franchise to life never got a chance at it.


But I thought games always looked like the finished product throughout development. Optimization? What's that?


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I'm so glad I didn't see this back in the day. I could cope thinking that it was just renders and there wasn't a running version.
I propose a ban on titles involving Battlefront 3 until it's confirmed and gets a trailer or release date.
All these threads keep giving me false hope and that false hope is driving me insane...Battlefront 1 & favourite multiplayer games. I'd much rather go back to them instead of COD.
I hope it was early enough for them to be using the original models/animations purely for testing purposes, because god damn. That engine is just... well, this looks pretty much exactly like how Lord of the Rings Conquest turned out.


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I'm shocked that with how many times this project got moved between developers that it still hasn't been released. It seems like Lucasarts was determined to get it out there in some form for a while with the number of dev that worked on it.


According to someone I know who was working on this, this is super early and he's actually a bit upset that something this old is what leaked rather than the later versions that looked considerably better.
I'd like to believe that Lucasarts aren't that incompetent that they've let this game, hell this particular Star Wars series die and be replaced with the shit they've thrown out this gen but then this is the company that made Star Wars Kinect and put new Battlefronts on PSP and DS :/. We'll probably never see a new Battlefront proper.
Fun fact: I was playing BF1 on Xbox Live the night of the Xboxalypse (when Live was disabled for original Xbox games). The matchmaking shut off at midnight. I played until about 4am with about 8 other players who were hanging on as long as possible.


If there was one FPS multiplayer that could hold its own against COD and BF, this would be it. What happens? Doesn't get made >_>


An extremely early, buggy, pre Alpha (presumably?) build of this game running on a 360 and no one has made any WiiU jokes?

Is it because NeoGAF is maturing or is it because no one wants AceBandage in this thread?

...., I miss Free Radical. :( Well, Time Splitters and Second Sight. HAZE not so much.
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