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Damn, Zenimax managed to keep me from diving into Stormblood. I didn't know the ESO expansion was coming at all. Pretty hyped about battlegrounds, plus Warden is my kind of class.


Why does he wear the mask!?
Jan dragged imo

Which ones? I'm trying to beat at least 3 Steam games but I don't know if Xenoblade Chronicles will let me accomplish my objective (I returned to the game 3 years later and I didn't remember anything about how to play the game even having a 130h playtime save... :3)
Final Fantasy XV, Watch Dogs 2 and dunno what else yet
If you pick up Project Cars from today's Humble and own a Steam Controller or Dualshock 4, I recommend giving the official Steam Controller config a shot. Gyro Steering can be fun. You may need to adjust a few advanced controller settings in game (I wish I could be of more help).
Welp, I knew I would have to replace my Deathadder eventually since it's been acting up for a while, but guess I can't delay replacing it any longer. Left button decided to stop working out of nowhere. Best part? It died the very second I entered a boss fight in RE7, so I died. This was on madhouse mode (no checkpoints) and right after I figured "I haven't saved in a while but this fight shouldn't be too hard" so I lost a good half hour of progress. :mad:

Anyway, what do you guys use? I could use some recommendations. Ideally nothing too pricy. And definitely not Razer...
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Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball -- MB-CB41B5769D95FF4E - Taken by hardcastlemccormick
Spelunky -- MB-5034C91BDDADAAB0 - Taken by Zeeman
Felt like January would never end honestly.
Anyway, going to wait until the next BTA bonuses are revealed before I get that Namco bundle.
Started Ys II again, got past the mine/sanctuary this time and I'm sure I'm going to beat it before the end of the month.
not sure why I bought soma day one tbh. I cant handle most horror games and the ocean scares the crap out of me.

going to try and play it this month though :p
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