Strange but true fun facts about yourself

Have never had a broken bone.
Survived a head on collusion with the other driver going ~60 mph. (He couldn't see the turn and drove straight into me) car got sent into the woods. Like an idiot I walked out of my car and asked he if was okay rather than raging on him.
I eat food in groups of even numbers.

Chew on the left side and swallow. Chew on the right side and swallow.

The first bite must be chewed by the left side and the last must be on the right side. I have no idea why I do this. I think when I was a kid I was worried about using my right side too much and thought those teeth would get cavities and the ones on the left would have issues from being unused.
I used to have their weird OCD-like obsession with right (as opposed to left) things. For a few years I chewed exclusively on the right side of my mouth, my right leg was the one that had to be the one that stepped over cracks in the sidewalk, my right foot had to be the one that touched the step where the bannister was bolted-in while walking upstairs in my house...and so on...
When I was a baby I fell out of a 3 story window(window screen fell out). My mom rushed me to the hospital and the doctors said I was perfectly healthy.

And before you start judging her parenting, at the time she was pregnant and had 6 other kids to look after so cut her some slack
I poop naked 99% of the time. It doesn't matter where i am. All my clothes go on the floor, it doesn't matter if it's on a public toilet.
After a long period of being sick a few years ago, I developed a mild phobia of germs, so I hate using public restrooms. I would rather endure severe stomach pain than use one for pooping.

that's why the thought of getting all my clothes off in a public restroom sends shivers down my spine although I kinda get why people do it.

does that include socks too by the way?
I've had two health scares this year.

1. I got the bends from diving in a super remote location (I dive for work), and thought I was gonna die. Thankfully it was a mild case and I'm fine now.

2. I woke up one morning with my right arm and leg numb and tingling and thought I was having a stroke. I just turned 24 this week. They also didn't find anything serious, but my neurologist suspects it could be nerve damage from the bends that is just manifesting now.

Something more fun: I work for the National Parks Service equivalent of my country.
I can't smell. During a couple of cross country road trips with some friends, they always had me drive anytime we got near a rendering plant.

Apparently, I was incredibly influential in the creation of the Let's Play, according to several sources (which I don't know about, but maybe).

Also, put me in the "No broken bones/No bee or wasp stings" category.
It's a long story that I'd prefer not to share all the details of, but basically I leaked some internal store policies and procedures and encouraged people to use them to access proprietary information they shouldn't have been able to.

It got all the way to Best Buy corporate, and needless to say they were not happy. Shortly after it happened I waltzed into my local store and the manager kicked me out, going so far as to threaten calling the cops, and telling me the direction from corporate was to ban me from all stores. (But again, it's not enforced. I don't know how they would manage that.)

It was a very stupid thing to do and I'm very fortunate it never became a bigger deal. Arguably they could have prosecuted me for fraud or more. I was an 18 year old kid looking for 15 minutes of internet fame. I got my wish, but it could have ruined my life. I'm glad it didn't.
People think I'm Asian: I'm short, my skin while white, looks kind of yellowish (no, I'm not sick), my face is kind of fat and apparently my eyes are small too.

In my country people have asked me if I'm Japanese or half Japanese. There are not many Asians around here so you may think it's natural that my own countrymen would think I may be Asian but even my Japanese class teachers have asked me if I am "Nikkei" (The word for "Japanese descent").

When I was living in Japan, some Chinese students and (again) some of my own countrymen I met there for the first time thought I was Japanese, even random Japanese people would approach to me a couple of times and asked me questions thinking I was Japanese.

As far as I know I have no ancestors that came from Japan. I guess that to some people I just look like I'm Asian, my acquaintances have never asked me if I'm Asian though.
After a long period of being sick a few years ago, I developed a mild phobia of germs, so I hate using public restrooms. I would rather endure severe stomach pain than use one for pooping.

that's why the thought of getting all my clothes off in a public restroom sends shivers down my spine although I kinda get why people do it.

does that include socks too by the way?
Actually usually not socks, especially if it's in public restrooms because the floors are always cold as hell. If i'm at home i think it's kinda 50/50, but i havent really thought that much about it.
I don't have a high school diploma or equivalent. I do have a Bachelor's and am nearing completion of my Master's.
This is my recurring dream/nightmare. The dream typically goes that I have to Billy Madison my way out of H.S. by taking the final for a class I've never attended. Oddly, I usually think I've got a shot at it from general test taking skills and having gotten out of college.
I am an award winning cartoonist.*

*Tbf, I was the cartoonist and co-editor of my high school newspaper; one of my cartoons won something or other; I wasn't even there for the awards. :D
You've got my curiosity aroused
Man, the Roger Ebert one was cool but I kinda want to know about this...
Fast forward to his execution. Look for a clown wig.

I've been technically banned from Best Buy for the past 10 years, but it's never really enforced.
I once threatened to shit at the bottom of an escalator at a Best Buy in Manhattan, if they wouldn't let me use the bathroom. It was diarrhea and I'd spent hundreds of dollars at that location. Eventually, a manager understood what he was dealing with and relented.
I manage to pay 2 euro for cinema's tickets while the actual price is around 8 euro:

I go to the multiplex on monday or thursday, when one film is on sale at 4 euro. I buy one of those tickets and than I just go to see another film that should cost 8. I watch the first projection, than go to a bathroom and wait 10 minutes for the second show. I don't feel too bad about it since I still buy a ticket and those multiplex are super empty on mondays and thursdays.
Tim Shundo

also Zelda Williams was doing that BotW charity stream a few months back and if you donated she would put a post-it note of your username on herself. When I donated she pronounced my username "Tim's Hundo" instead of Tim Shundo which i'd never heard before and now i regret not putting an underscore between my first and last name.

Not me - but my manager today was telling me about how he played street fighter with the actor who played darth maul on his SNES at a party years ago. My manager won - and then ray park threw the controller down in a rage! This was at a party. Fun fact of the day
I discovered that what is inside a fire extinguisher is an extremely bitter chemical instead of some cold foam, i discovered this while drunk in an indoor party ("""coincidentally""" the only time somebody wanted to fight with me).

I was registered twice so for quite a few years there were legally 2 "me"s, one that went to school and one that did everything else but i already made everything i had to do to fix that last year (well my parents did, it was their fault anyway).
I have an imaginary friend that, due to a mental condition, I genuinely believe is real for roughly 2–3 minutes until I come around (although sometimes far longer).

She scares me.
I am first cousin with a self-made billionaire, though things had a downturn so he might just be a hundred-millionaire now (poor him). I don't see any of that money though, but I do get to have excellent steak dinners from time to time.