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DreamFes R Episode 4

Increadibly funny episode especially after all the intense drama of the past two episodes lol. Junya reactioin was the best and then even with Mikami in the buff

The prank being on KUROFUNE and DearDream was a total surprise, I never saw it coming
Saiyuki Reload BLast Eisode 11

Someone needs to save Nataku and fast, the battle this episode, where did his personality go I miss it. Goku do something.

The beginning demon conversation was full of emotions and friendship, everyone needs to stay together for ever, BFFs.

Man God

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Hulu even with all the purges has a metric fuck ton of anime. It's horribly organized and a lot of the series aren't complete, which is odd to say the least. They still get almost everything Viz has ever done...which is a lot.
Class of Edge 10

Eh, this is kind of boring when Ayanokoji isn't making shit happen and having others take credit for it as the shadow council. They need to return to his role as a secret agent man, othewise it's boring as shit. This whole arc has been like a fairly generic PG Battle Royale.

And the way this is going we have 2 or 3 more episodes left, and I don't know if it's enough time for one of the leaders of Class C or A to realize Ayanokoji is a stealth agent. So it's just going to end in a massive meh.
Re Creators 21

That was... expected.

After all the plot developments previously established this outcome seemed like the only logical follow up to the point that for a moment there I thought it was being done on purpose in order to come up with some sort of twist out of left field for a "gotcha" moment but nope, it all played out pretty much like one would have expected it to play out. Down to the overly dramatic soliloquies and carefully timed droplets of tears streaming down characters faces.

I wouldn't say it's a bad thing per se, it's just that after the show had finally managed to rise slightly above the cusp of mediocrity in the later episodes in the end it still ends up feeling... meh.

I will say this though, if in the finale they just end up bringing everyone back to life by using the power of pixiv or whatever then this show can go squarely into the garbage bin.
Short Peace - All of this is good stuff! It's clear I need more Katsuhiro Otomo in my life.

Tsuritama - Not much to say about this one. I mostly liked it. Made me want some curry. Ducku.

Big O - Season 1 - I'd always heard that this was basically just Batman the Animated Series with a giant robot, and well, that seems to be what it is and I like it. I never watched Big O back in the day and watching it now it feels like a saturday morning cartoon I'd already seen several seasons of. Onwards!

Golgo 13 - episode 15 - Some of the stories are pretty good, so I wish they'd give them more than 1 episode to develop. Like the prison break episode, that could have been a miniseries in itself, but nah. I don't think I've watched an anime that feels this much like a police procedural though, so that's something.

Interstella 5555 - The Daft Punk thing. Rewatched this for the first time since 2005. Let's just say I'm not a fan and my rating for it went down. I was expecting the opposite to happen, but hey, it is what it is.
Is TAN still a thing?
I think it became HiDive or something.
TAN is still a thing, But the online subsidiary, TANO isn't anymore.
HiDive is another company altogether. They got TANO's entire backlog, {edit: looks like i'm misremembering sentai and section23 Films.}. At least that's what I remember reading. So, maybe i'm wrong.

So basically, its TANO's replacement, but also not really b/c future support is a big question mark.

My expectation is that it will last about as long as Daisuke.... maybe.
Blood Blockade Battlefront: 4-6
Lucky Abrams is amazing, he is a funny version of Komaeda Nagito. The comedy aspect of the show is really good actually. My favorite was the heinz ketchup comparison with the human experimentation.

The show is really good so far.
Magus Bride 1-3

My heart... What a wonderful story! I heard there's an entire season coming for this? My wife loves the show as well, really looking forward to more. It was gorgeous and the pacing was perfect. I hope they can retain that pacing when they switch to a series format. Super refreshing.
Sagrada Reset END

Well the lead up to the final arc was awesome and it was awesome, I dont know about this plot in the final episode, it just seemed that at the end of the day
everyone could just become friends and thats it, though in the Soma ends up the true loser cause no way can she end up with Kei, lol. So though the ending felt full of friendship, she ends up having to just accept being the loser. Oh well good for her can work with them both :(

Really overall one of the more gripping episodes week too week, too bad it will be one of the most forgotten anime of this year.
And rightfully so because nothing about it was all that memorable.
Blood Blockade Battlefront: 4-6
Lucky Abrams is amazing, he is a funny version of Komaeda Nagito. The comedy aspect of the show is really good actually. My favorite was the heinz ketchup comparison with the human experimentation.

The show is really good so far.
Be hyped for season 2, less than a month away now!!!
Puzzles & Dragons X Episode 62

Well I was worried the tournament would end uneventfully because of no AceLance fight but through this awesome work around we get it.

I hate Jest sama for what he did to Darkness sama and now with Lance. Please save him Ace.

I love the silly sound effects they still give even when intense suspenseful things are happening, whenever Devi is hit or hits the wall and we get that silly collision sound effect, lol.
Found this threat in my mailbox...

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UNDER THE DOG | The Next Kickstarter!

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UNDER THE DOG episode 0: Young girls, their battles, and the burden of their violent fate.

This will be an attendant work to the 30 minute “episode 0” to further enrich the world of UNDER THE DOG. Asami Seto will be voicing the main character Anthea for a monologue in this all new live action piece.

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Vocals for the theme song will be sung by Asami Seto, the voice of our heroine, Anthea. Asami’s crystal singing voice and vocal range will bring out the true sound of Anthea herself.

3. New Theater Release

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