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Are they're going to animate Saber vs Berserker again ? lol

I'm here to get some new recommendations from you guys. I'm itching for a good cyberpunkish anime to watch that isn't Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Cyborg 009, or Ghost in the Shell. Ideally I'm looking for something with a vibe like Policenauts/Snatcher or something like VA-11 HALL-A. My frames of reference are games since I'm still somewhat of an anime novice. I'll take anything from the 70s to now. Anything come to mind?

Thanks a lot for your help.
In case, you're still monitoring the thread. Harmony wasn't I think mentioned and is a recent nice flick of the kind that could interest you.

Shingeki no Bahamut Virgin Soul 13
Rita somehow keeps being the bestest.

An alright spectacle to finish off the cour. Bit miffed about Favaro and Kaisar not having any time to shine. And it seems like everyone forgot about Azazel already.
Re:Creators 11-12

So why don't they just tell Nico and Pixiv to take down Altair stuff, and just like, blame it on the Shimazaki family or something?

Seriously, this was way too drawn out once again. Sota's flashback told us very little we didn't already know. It was weird spreading it across two episodes, and I feel like the strong visual moments keep being let down by the show's insistence on lengthy, blunt monologue.

At least everything is leading towards the Spirit Bomb-esque ending that I'd want to see.
I didn't realize this either until I found out from Yuyucow on Sakuga Blog/Twitter a little bit ago. He left ufotable after God Eater and is on Araki's team at Wit now, having worked on Kabaneri and Titan S2.
Are we sure he left, or is he just like, storyboarding stuff for his old friend? Because the UBW director is still at Ufotable, and he's been storyboarding Granblue episodes too!
He told me: "One day, I shall come back. Yes, I shall come back. Until then, there must be no regrets, no tears, no anxieties. Just go forward in all your beliefs and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine."

I mean, that's a Dr. Who quote, but the sentiment was largely the same.
Wouldn't this quote imply that he wants us to keep shitting on shows and prove him right? That doesn't sound nearly as uplifting to the first Doctor's speech! D:
Tsuki ga Kirei - End

I think this was the one show I'd actually consider good enough to recommend to others from what I got to see last season. The credits roll fast-forwarding through the rest of their love story up until they were married and had a kid was a bit of a letdown, though.
Wouldn't this quote imply that he wants us to keep shitting on shows and prove him right? That doesn't sound nearly as uplifting to the first Doctor's speech! D:
Well, yes, but he just wants us to remain true to ourselves and prove he wasn't mistaken in leaving us behind... or something. I dunno, stop ruining my poorly thought out reference!
Found some impressions from the Full Metal Panic panel where they showed off a PV for IV
Invisible Victory PV 1-

Initially I thought they were showing old footage as the designs looked so close to the original but I realized the difference after a bit. Horuichi kept the designs very much in line with the original although they are tweaked a bit.

There was a lot of CGI in the backgrounds. There are three scenes that stand out to me, a hanger siren going off, a shot of a building exploding, and characters talking in a classroom at Jindai (I think it was Ono D and the teacher possibly along with Kyouko). The backgrounds in all three of these looked bad or rather not good. The building lacked a bunch of detail along with being CGI and the siren obviously looked CGI. The background at the school was really plain. It definitely doesn't look to be up to KyoAni's current standards background art-wise as seen in Euphonium or say Hyouka. I would have to rewatch Fumoffu and TSR to see how those look as the background art might be the same level there as KyoAni hadn't developed into the beast it is today. There was a shot of Tessa in a grassy area, from the prologue of Continuing on My Own, which looked nice from a background aspect.

The character art is a mixed bag as there were a few shots of Tessa on the Tuatha de Dannan with Mardukas standing next to her that looked great. Tessa in general looked the same as the KyoAni version and so did Mardukas. The lighting in that scene was solid as it had the emergency/combat lines on. The designs don't look worse but the lighting makes the show look more modern and at times a bit flat. I recently rewatched the ending fight in TSR and the character lighting in that was fantastic. The school scenes don't have a visual oomph to them and so it looks sort of inbetween the Gonzo and KyoAni version. The Tuatha and Tessa prologue scene look much better. There was a shot of Kurama, the new villain, that was a semi closeup where the lighting was somewhat flat.

I wasn't particularly wow'd until I saw the Arbalest. Oh boy. Even the teaser image doesn't do it justice. I would have to rewatch the scene but it looked like it had more detail than even that key visual. Seeing the Arbalest's eyes make a huge difference that can't be understated. Detail and visual-wise, this is easily the best the Arbalest has ever looked. Flat out blew me back. Just looks insane. I need to see it moving around though to see if Nishii's 2D/CGi approach is distracting in motion. It reminds me of Nishii's 'Hyper Detail' work that he did for the Yamato 2199 artbooks. Xebec is clearly prioritizing the mechs. There was also a shot of the TDD underwater moving towards the camera and it looks better than the KyoAni/Gonzo versions but that's to be expected. Doesn't look embarassing anymore.

Color design-wise it's a mix of Argevollen and Keijo. Kurtz's hair has a similar shade to Mio's from Keijo. It's much more colorful than I anticipated. Photography-wise it doesn't look like Aoki or of his caliber. That said this was a bunch of stuff they likely threw together at the last minute so photography-wise it might look a lot more polished later. We didn't see any UI shots either. I'm wondering that it might be Morooka who is Directory of Photography though instead of Aoki which would be a shame.
PV 2- (not really)

They showed a bunch of settei of different mechs, characters, and backgrounds.

They showed the settei for Kurama and Fowler(another villain). Kurama's design isn't particularly interesting although he's clearly based off of Leon in The Professional. Fowler was shown in his pilot suit and looks much cooler. A few girls were gasping haha. Fowler looks like a younger version of Gauron.

The backgrounds here in the settei looked a lot better than what was shown in the earlier PV. There was a shot of an Arm slave next to a Japanese Shinto style temple. One of a warzone next to a blown out church (not 100% sure it was a church) overlooking a boxed in courtyard. Then there was one of a busy market in south east Asia where a dilapated Arm Slave (I think it was a Savage) was literally built into the marketplace. I really liked that shot as it gives a sense of history to the world in the way the dead Kaiju in Pacific Rim were used. All of these were just settei though so not sure how it will look in finished product.

They showed a number of mechs such as the Belial and Cyclone along with a few others. The Cyclone is Sousuke's machine after the Arbalest gets wrecked and looks like a heavily modified Savage with a white and yellow color scheme. The Belial looks cool as expected but there wasn't a lot of poses for it shown. A bunch of other mechs were shown. I personally didn't like the colors shown for those mechs as I thought they were a bit too bright/colorful and sorta reminded me of the colors of the mechs in Akito. That's a really subjective thing though and they'll probably look different in the acttal show than on a white piece of paper.

Also of note were the dates shown on the settei as they indicate the timeframe of the production. A couple of background settei were from mid to late last year and I think the Belial settei was from April.

My overall impression is that the mechs look really damn good but the character art needs another pass at to look great with more emphasis on shadowing. It should be noted though that they didn't show any of the scenes related to the attack on Jindai as they're probably trying to save those for spoiler reasons. So we were shown the 'boring' stuff story-wise. They didn't really show any scene with a lot of motion so I can't speak for the actual animation quality. I am concerned about the backgrounds as there was too much CGI shown but the stuff shown in those settei looked really good so hopefully the push back to Spring 2018 allows them to go all in on that.

The non-military scenes look between Gonzo and KyoAni tier while the military shots were noticeably better and were definitely closer to TSR level. There was a quick shot of Sousuke in Arbalest that I literally thought was from TSR. That external Arbalest shot though is beyond even TSR.

I'm wondering if the foreign locales will look better than their Japanese counterparts. That was the case with Fafner Exodus and Yamato 2199 (in a way).
Q/A section with Funimation staff:

Reaction to finding out making more-
Gatoh: Been about 12 years now so I was a little worried but we'll find a way to make it work
Shikidouji:I was worried that people had forgotten the series.

What was some of your initial inspiration for the series?-
Gatoh: It's been twenty years, I forgot. Someone proposed to me that I do something related to school. Something like that

What brought you to this property?-
Shikidouji: I had a relationship with Fujimi already.

Kaname and Sousuke are very different people how did you make them mesh( paraphrase)?-

Gatoh: There is a Japanese comedy style called manzai(spelling?), in which characters play off each other. Romantic tension took a back seat and wanted to focus on comedy.
Shikidouji: In the original version, Kaname had black hair but she changed it because she thought it wouldn't work that well for comedy. She was worried Gatoh wouldn't approve but he signed off.
Gatoh: I changed the scripts after I saw her drawings. It was pretty easy.

Any stories about making the original novels?-

Gatoh: Shikidouji added Sousuke's scar of her own volition. In the novel, I never addressed his scar until the very last episode(probably means novel). I finally decided to address it. Thought fans would have more issues with it but they accepted it.
Shiki: I added it because I felt it needed it.

Gatoh: Originally when I described Kaname in the novel she had a ponytail.
Shikidouji: Initially she had a ponytail but when it was serialized, another protagonist in the magazine had black hair and a ponytail. So I took the ribbon in her ponytail and moved it down.

About Invisible Victory-
Gatoh: No more expository episodes. Full throttle. It'll follow the original work pretty closely.
Katsugeki Touken Ranbu Episode 1

Ufotable delivers the superior Touken Ranbu anime and it was everything I wanted, cool swordfighting and magic, hot and attractive character designs, awesome music, and refreshing visuals. Really powerful and immersive episode 1.

The sci fi mixture of stuff such as time travel and the supernatural Time Retrograde Army was intriguing too and hooked me into the plot. I need more, especially Kunihiro

Please. Watch.
Ah, a simple episode where Lily must overcome her illness to prove she is strong enough to stay at school. Just need to deal with a late fan. And missing the train. And lost food. And a stopped train. And a thunderstorm. And a blackout. And Godzilla. Who caused the blackout. ??? Thank goodness for the S4 Power Rangers? And the Aikatsu system running on natural gas or something not electricity? Weird episode.
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