Super Mario Run Update: Friendly Run Mode


Super Mario Run received a new gameplay mode today that allows players to race against friends without the need for tickets.

The Friendly Run mode pits players against each other in a Toad Rally, but with nothing at stake. That means you’re racing against a friend you select to impress an audience of Toads, but you can’t win or lose any of the Toads for your kingdom.

Collecting different colored Toads and coins are how players earn the ability to unlock items which can be placed in their Kingdom.

It seems like this new mode may be in response to player pushback against the need for tickets to play Toad Rally. But, the new mode still has its limits.

If you haven’t yet cleared World 1, you can only race one Friendly Run a day. If you have cleared the first world, made up of four levels, you can do up to three races a day. If you’ve cleared the second world, you can do up to five a day.

Friendly Run is the second bit of additional content Nintendo has released for Super Mario Run since it came out last week. Earlier this week, Nintendo dropped three new items into the game that can be used to decorate your Kingdom and make it look a bit more holiday festive: a Sparkly Christmas Tree, Sparkly Snow Globe and Poinsettia.

The fir tree comes pre-decorated with ornaments, a bow on top and presents underneath. It will run you 1,500 coins. The cluster of red poinsettia will set you back 500 coins each and the snow globe, which features Mario standing inside, requires an assortment of blue, purple and yellow Toads to get.
Great addition, especially to practice the Ghost levels. Now if they could add a mode where you don't gain coins/kills in tour mode, but able to play offline, that'd be perfect.

I actually really enjoy the airship level, especially when I get a really long hop-combo. Might jump back in as I don't want to lose toad.

Good update!
Nice, I needed a practice mode for sure. This is in my wife's iPhone (Android master race here) so I can only play in short spurts. I get out of practice and lose rallies all the time. =/


If all DLC came tied to $13 figurines, I'd consider all DLC to be free
It's really weird that they've added new content twice now immediately after saying they weren't going to.
They are obv. going to add content to their mobile games - those spokeperson type of comments mean nothing since its a standard response until something has been announced.

They updatet Streetpass Plaza and co. 5 years after the 3DS launch.
The game is clearly designed to be updated with new content. People shouldn't place too much stock in translated off-the-cuff comments from PR people.