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Tear [circle]jerkers | what was the last game that made you cry?


It pains me that we'll not get a Titanfall 3. The memorable TF 2 scenes with BT-7274 (the titan with a heart of gold) were some of the best moments I've seen in a FPS last gen. Also, the whole campaign was amazing. Such a great game!

Very emotional track indeed. BF1 was the last battlefield game in which I put over 100h into. Great gameplay and awesome soundtrack.
Honestly if Doom didn't come out that year it would've been my GOTY 2016. It's such an awesome shooter with a great story and plenty of cool set pieces.


I recently created my personal WoW Cataclysm server, after many years of playing on official (Vanilla to Cataclysm). Roaming in the cities as they are completely empty (just you and the NPCs) while listening to the nostalgic music you used to listen for so many hours 15 years ago is very bitter.
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