the 2011 videogame anagram photoshop thread

thought it'd be neat to have a new one. it's been a while and the last one was fun.

concept should be simple enough. make an anagram of your game title of choice, photoshop away.

i'll start the thread off with, uh, this thing i just made:

I'm not good at photoshop, but I know there might be some people good at photoshop but bad at anagrams.

So i'm just going to randomly generate some for people to use.

Homefront: Fort H: Omen

Batman Arkham City: Bark TV: A main match

Duke Nukem Forever: Me never fuk u, dork or Never kum for duke
there's an extra 'e' on both of those titles that I don't know what to do with
I just started tooling around at work with 'Gran Turismo'. Almost had something. You can get to 'Smang It', and have a leftover 'U' and two 'R's

Edit: If you add a colon (or find a use for the extra M), Monday Night Combat can become 'Bathin My Dong Coat: M'


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Vik_Vaughn said:
Nice work there, Diamond. Sad to say I don't know the original game, though :lol
Nier Gestalt. That's the Japanese name for the Western version of Nier.