The grey rubber circle pad on my 3DS came off!

I can snap it back on but it feels a bit funny/loose and can pop off again pretty easily.
Is glue my only real option? Scared I might make it worse
Over time, mine did as well. First parts of it came off, and it got in the way of me enjoying the games, so I was like the hell with it and tore it completely off.

Trust me when I say the circle pad feels alot better with it off. Try it like that.
i don't know why, but the first thing that came to my head was "the ring came off my pudding can!"

but yeah, probably call nintendo unless you want to risk using glue
Yeah the Aqua Blue units seem more frail than the others.
My cousin has a Flame Red that takes a lot of casual abuse and it has nary a scratch on it, although the d-pad does also have hairline paint cracks.
Your first mistake was buying an aqua blue 3ds
But IDK if this is OT or not, but how do I contact nintendo customer service about a hardware malfunction on my 3ds? I tried their website, but that didn't really help much
Just find a semi-relevant Nintendo customer service phone number and call it (assuming there are multiple numbers). They'll transfer you to the right area :p