The new tag moves sound less like assists and more like Striker attacks from the NESTS saga, the difference being that the Striker is the tag partner in this case.

It's all sounding really nice all around, a little too good to be true, but nice nonetheless. Won't be holding my breath but it would be pretty damn sweet if this in fact turns out to be SNK's next game.
More info about the Saudi character

Here is the announcement of the contest for a Saudi Arabian Character

And here's a translation of the stuff from said during the prize ceremony

(Paragraph in the White Box) Appearance:
We find a saudi girl dressed in a black gulf dress trimmed with silver engravings. She looks strange as she has a special power, where her dress is haunted by a genie named Halek -as in extremely black-. Halek can materialize and take shape through the cloak and then disappear.
She wears a pair of modern leather gloves and boots for protection. The boots are long so that her legs are covered when the dress is lifting during combat
She wears a hood(I think) on her head, but during powerful attacks or intense combat it temporarily falls off. In addition to this, she wears gold accessories with blue sapphires for appearances.
The dress should be loose for freedom of movement and her limbs are usually covered by the cloak during crouching and are shown during movement
(The paragraph in the black box)Concept idea
After much though I decided to shy away from the stereotypical saudi design in the sword wielding black haired saudi man* and popular designs for saudi women and decided to design the character of a modern saudi woman in an inventive way to reflect the current evolution the kingdom is currently experience with the intent to conserve the traditions of the past and the islamic identity
The thing I was most surprised with was the style and quality of the submissions. Personally I have a very limited understanding of Saudi Arabia, but I felt a resemblance in style and character design to the Japanese style. We received a lot of great submissions and we enjoyed seeing them all.
Stay tuned for our upcoming projects, which will definitely meet your expectations. The thing I personally liked most was the design for Fahd(loosely translated to panther or leopard or some other wildcat), having this hybrid of a mysterious and strange kid with a monkey caught my attention
For this occasion I would like to offer my greatest thanks to the Saudis character drawing contest in which a lot of Saudis came forward and so I would like to offer my thanks again. From the characters that were submitted, the femme fetal Najd(I think this is an arabic name) took first place. The uniqueness of this character couldn't have come from us Japanese, and we believe that the likes of this character would be the reasons for SNK's success in Saudia Arabia and the middle east.
New batch of alleged rumors for NGBC2, I'm copying and pasting just as they were posted

SNK are very aware of their poor reputation in the US, and they're extremely desperate to fix that. Putting Geese in XIV was a bid to throw the American fans a bone, since statistically he's known to be particularly popular in the states. Needless to say, that didn't work very well, because the game still drastically underperformed in America. They did some market research and have decided to tailor most of NGBC2's design and motifs around American tastes. This was a factor in deciding what characters wouldn't return, particularly Shermie and Hotaru, since they're not convinced Americans will like sexy or cute female characters. These characters will likely not be removed from KoF, but since NGBC2 is being developed with the American market in mind, they decided to scrap them here.

I was told that Kula's drastic change in appearance and personality is part of an attempt to rebrand the character as their "mascot" for the American region. They found that a lot of American gamers seemed to really enjoy cyberpunk elements and androgynous/masculine female characters so they based Kula's redesign around those elements and gave her a less cute, more aggressive personality to fit her new look. I was told that they were inspired to do this because of the success of similar dark reboots like the Devil May Cry one from Capcom. They're hoping that they can use the new Kula to promote the SNK brand in the US, and if she's popular they might consider altering Kula in the main KOF games to match, but only for the US version. I asked why they wouldn't just create a new character, and was told that they considered it but they wanted to do something new with a fan favorite and take advantage of their existing popularity.

Additionally, they altered or outright removed a lot of the sexual elements of other characters due to the reception that popular games like SFV and MKX had for cleaning up their female characters. They first thought of this when Capcom altered the camera angles on R. Mika and Cammy. Allegedly, they had no clue that American audiences were sensitive to these types of things until very recently. I was assured that these changes were not being made with eSports in mind, but rather because they've seen the various controversies over sexualized female characters from Western gamers and the outcry from the mainstream gaming media. They believe that they'll reach a bigger audience this way, because their core fans will support them no matter what, and with these changes the average American gamer demographic will be more likely to jump onboard.
I really, really hope this is just someone talking out of their asses because is incredibly confusing.


Sketchbook Picasso
Any word on when Geese is releasing in Tekken 7?
Last I saw on Twitter was that the DLC showed up on PSN, with a tentative release date of Nov 30th.

SNK trying to cater to american tastes is an incredible waste of time and resources.
Why? It's a global competition game. It lends itself well to having elements that appeal to the different taste of the world. And they have to grow their fans if we want them to keep making console games.

I don't mind them trying, as long as they don't go crazy with it. A receptive SNK is better than one that sticks their heads in the sand, and pretends they only need to listen to local ideas.

The winner of the Contest in middle east and a new stage are coming as DLC
Guess they are still supporting XIV. Would be interesting if this came with another push, like a Switch port, or additional characters / another balance patch.

Always makes me feel good to see a fan get their character (and stage!) into the series proper, too. Reading about the SNK staff impressions of the character and design has been great.
Here's the final "leak" about NGBC2

Playstation Experience is almost here, and you've probably noticed that SNK aren't one of the companies presenting. There's a reason for that. Atlus are once again publishing, and I expect that the trailer will be a part of their lineup.

I've already shared as much as I can, and from this point on I have nothing new to say. Not only is the date of the reveal close approaching, but my source cut off contact with me. They were furious that I was sharing so many details with you all.

One last thing I will tell you is that Ralf and Moriya have had very slight last minute redesigns because SNK fears backlash in the wake of the Sylvester Stallone and Nobuhiro Watsuki scandals. Ralf's face is remodelled to resemble his appearance in the pre-XII KoF titles, and Moriya's default color scheme was changed, I have no clue if the classic red color will be selectable as an alternative.


Sketchbook Picasso
Vice, the character who can't chip at all, getting so high ratio'd, makes me kinda happy? It's always interesting to me how many have taken a shine to her in competitive play. Verse is SO much more a threat than people would have suspected in the early days.

I really love how often I feel people can surprise me with excellent play of unexpected characters with this game.

The last big patches for this game actually were pretty fun. Netherrelms patches just kinda make my eyes glaze over with weird little stuff that never seems fun to toy around with, and SF's are generally good on a gameplay scale, but still seem to miss the point on many things. KoF's patches always seem so smart in how they take away absolutely stupid, but also add in new fun stuff that is equally stupid, but in a more fun, less broken way.

Really makes me hope we get a solid patch with the new DLC. I'd love to see the DLC characters all refined a bunch (personal interest in Whip, but any and all seem to be open for adjustments). Tighten up those tiers even more!
One last thing I will tell you is that Ralf and Moriya have had very slight last minute redesigns because SNK fears backlash in the wake of the Sylvester Stallone and Nobuhiro Watsuki scandals. Ralf's face is remodelled to resemble his appearance in the pre-XII KoF titles, and Moriya's default color scheme was changed, I have no clue if the classic red color will be selectable as an alternative.
Come on, Ralf has never had the face of Stallone in any game, even when he was supposed to be Rambo.
So a bunch of news

-Xiaohai got to play against SNK's staff

-Neogeo's ports for switch have sold a million of copies

-The beta for KOF Destiny has ]five millions of registrations

-Footage of the aforementioned KOF:Destiny

Is like a love letter to 90's beat em ups. It actually looks pretty fun.

-The gag manga that inspired SNK Heroines continues

-KOF Fans baffle me at times