The Phantom Pain, aka Metal Gear Solid V, Announced (360/PS3, "Moby Dick Studio")

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Detective Gaf Edit:

New edit with better clarity and more time to take in fast details:

This is my first attempt at re-cutting the trailer into chronological order. I used clues from the video to establish continuity, such as "Snake"s progression from crawling to running, the lighting becoming darker implying a power cut, and the building filling with smoke. There are still 3 clips I do not know where to place, which I've put at the end of the video.

Recieved a tweet containing this gif from @maperns (his neogaf account hasn't been activated yet, but he's been watching this thread)

He says the map from the trailer is Cyprus.

I think I agree.

Looks familiar? It should. That's the painting.

Princess Mary's Hospital in Cyprus checks out.


Something else I noticed that supports that...

The electrical plug sockets in the hospital are the British standard BS 1363 - also used in Cyprus.

Mod Edit 2:

The person on the right is Kyle Cooper, a noted title sequences designer who worked on MGS2 & 3.

Psycho Mantis/The Sorrow doll lookalike.

Same soldiers as Ground Zeroes

Two Phantoms?

EatChildren you should update the OP with something like this.

So people can see why it's 100% MGS 5.

@geoffkeighley 8:12 PM
Thanks for all the VGA feedback. The Phantom Pain is an a completely game, nothing that has been shown before. I assure you of that.

So we have:

- Continued play on "phantom", where "Two Phantoms were born" stands as the tagline for Ground Zeroes' first concept material.
- Volgin lookalike wreathed in flames.
- Hallucinating petals straight from MGS3's climax.
- Floating figure with audible breaths muffled by mask, ala Psycho Mantis.
- Similar facial scars between in-game model and Snake concept art for Ground Zeroes.
- That fucking mullet.
- Joakim Mogren, where Joakim is an anagram for Kojima.


Fucking Kojima man

Has anyone mentioned the white flower pedals, then the reaching towards them???


OMFG !!!!!


@supererogatory 6:48 PM
MGS fans: Joakim Mogren appears to be an actual person.


Moby Dick Studio is a Swedish studio.

Xbox 360 and PS3 according to the website.


Just premiered a debut trailer at VGA's from unknown developer moby dick studios



That was next gen? Where was that mentioned? Definitely looked current gen to me. =x

Edit: Also: boring trailer. Was convinced at first the guy was snake.


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The first round of next gen games are all going to have that weird look like the start of this this gen aren't they?


Actually, looks like Frostbite 2 on the 360.


Im thinking that was Ground Zeroes. The character looked far too similar to Big Boss and they still went out of their way to not show his face.

Edit: Yeah, just noticed the screenshots above. Definitely MGS.


Looked a bit crap, let's be honest.

Not really, there isn't enough known to judge it in that way.

It looks like it's going for a serious tone, then I saw a fire horse or some shit so I don't know any more.

As for next gen? Looks like Fox Engine to me, I was expecting something MGS related.


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I thought it looked kind of fucking amazing.

EDIT: And oh god that would be so cool/crazy if it was MGS related.

Why was there no publisher on the trailer?


Someone mentioned an apparition that looked very much like Psycho Mantis near the end of the trailer.

But the whole thing screams Kojima. Poor narrative delivery and all.
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