The PS4 is almost here; here's some retail boxes in the meantime

Does the DS4 use micro-USB or mini-USB? If it uses mini-USB, the PS3 charging stations can be used.

Edit: DS4 uses micro-USB so forget about using the DS3 charging station for it (unless with a converter). Bummer.


i've been begging for over 5 years.
Hey Shinobi I'm starting to develop a man crush on you. All these PS4 threads of yours make me wish I could force myself into a coma for the next month.

Edit: Mutes you cray. That red controler. Mine.
Amazon UK updated my pre-order a few days ago, to tell me expected delivery would be launch day. I was really surprised, considering I waited until the day of Gamescom to put my order in.
Looks good! Only thing I would do different is take out some of that white on the PS4 system box and add more blue... I'm suprised they are only throwing in 14 days free of PS+. I mean they couldn't make it an even month?
No horizontal stand?

Big mistake Sony.

Anyway what size are PS4 game boxes? Are they just Blu Ray cases? They look like they might be a little smaller but I havent actually seen a real one. Only renders.