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The PS5 worked fine with the slowest compatible SSD we could find



Facts from the tools creator:

- Xbox can do Oodle Texture just like any other device.
- Xbox can’t do Oodle Kraken for whatever reason… like I said Kraken can run in any type of processor including the Jaguar CPU it just won’t reach fasted compression ratio.
- Xbox lacks a specialized Kraken Decompressor unit.
- PS5 has a specialized Kraken decompressor unit.

BTW devs pays to use Oodle tools… it just Sony paid the licenses to any dev on PS4 or PS5 uses it…. you can see as the cost of the license is already Included in the SDK using it or not.
As Epic bought RAD, Oodle is now part of Unreal Engine which means you don't need to pay extra at least when using that engine.
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