The 'Skylanders Giants' |OT|

Last Updated: October 28, 2012
-Diggeh updated the 'Mega Bloks' post (below).

Release Date(s)
AU: October 17, 2012 | EU: October 19, 2012 | US: October 21, 2012 | JP: 2013
[Wii U launch title on November 18, 2012 in the US]

Toys for Bob (Wii, Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 3) | n-Space (Nintendo 3DS) | Vicarious Visions (Wii U)

What do I need to know about the game?
Is basically a dungeon crawler on which you collect loot/treasures, gain experience and so on. Think of it like Gauntlet; but with "cute characters".

Check out this two clips to learn more about how the game plays and look.
Michael Graham (from Activision) demoes Skylanders Giants.
-Part I
-Part II

Do I need the figurines to play the game?
Yep (along the "Portal of Power"). Basically the figurines serves a memory cards. Each of them store your progress (nickname, experience, levels, etc.) and you can use it across
any platform that has the game on it. So if you start playing on PlayStation 3, but later that day go and visit a friend that has the game on Xbox 360, you just need to carry
the figurine and play. The figurines are placed over the portal, and as long as it's there, the levels and experience you obtain are stored automatically on it.
If you want to change charcters as you play, you just swap them as much as you want/need.

Any figurine works?
On 'Giants'? Yep.
Across both games:
-Figurines from last year's game can be used on this game.
-Re-released figurines from the first game, which now will have a different pose or look can also be used across both games.
-Entirely new figurines (new characters, Giants, etc.) can't be used in the first game.

*NEW*Can I sue the same portal, across all versions or do I need a new portal for each?
Last year's game, the portals were also cross platform; except the "big portals" on the 3DS.
Meaning, that you could use any portal on any version (3DS>PS3, PS3?>Wii); but not on the 3DS. 3DS portal included an USB cable,
but only connected to the 3DS through IR. (NOTE: 3DS-Giants portal, doesn't include an USB cable).

As for this year's version:
I can confirm the 3ds portal from Giants works on the Wii version of Giants via usb. Still only lights up blue, though...

Level cap on the last game was '10', was that raised or is it the same?
For 'Giants' the new level cap is '15'. Keep in mind that there are abilities that you get by leveling up your character
on the console version, so if you want a different path/ tree you might need to reset the figruine; otherwise you can just
jump-in with any Level 10-Skylander and level up to 15.

Any differences between consoles/PC versions?
At the moment, no. Last year's game aside the Wii version using "waggle" for some things, the other versions were pretty much the same but in HD.
No word on the Wii U version's unique additions; but Vicarious Visions is well known for pushing Nintendo hardware and adding extras, so we'll know soon.

Can I play online with other people?
Like last year's game, the game doesn't have online multiplayer. Local multiplayer is still limited to up to 2 players.

Heard the first game was "easy", is 'Giants' easy too?
Well, there's "easy" and there's "cakewalk". The first game might've been easy, but wasn't as easy as many made it sound. Heck, for the last boss
you needed multiple characters/figurines to beat it, and there are some really intense hordes thoughout the game too.

But, with that in said; 'Giants' now includes 3 difficulty settings along a 4th unlockable (and more difficult) one.

What about additional modes?
From Nintendo World Report:
Giants is an ideal sequel, adding more ideas and refining concepts already in place. Aside from its 16-level main story, the game features Heroic Challenges,
Arena Battles, and Skystones. Heroic Challenges, short, timed levels, were present in the first game, but Giants uses them with much more creativity.
Most of the original ones, which are still playable here, just featured simple “collect X of Y” objectives, while one challenge in Giants was an ice-themed four-lap race.

Arena Battles and Skystones are brand new, though. The former, the closest thing to a horde mode Skylanders has, sends predetermined waves of
enemies at you in themed stages. The mode is a great way to test new characters in combat or level up your favorites. Skystones, on the other hand,
is a strategic and addictive tile-based card game reminiscent of the card games present in some Final Fantasy games. It’s slow to challenge, but
becomes a fantastic diversion from the regular gameplay when it picks up.​
(From their review, based on the Wii version. Score: 9.5)

Last year's 3DS game was a platformer of sorts. Is this year's version similar?
Yeah. Like last year's game, the story is a spinoff that is connected to the main storyline of the others. The actual game is an action/platformer
kinda similar to the original Spyro/Crash games. This version also doesn't require the figurine to be on the portal all the time.
You "transfer" your character from the portal to the game and is stored in the cartridge until the next time you transfer it back
(you can have 2 characters stored at the same time). Saved data is only stored on the figurine when you transfer to/from it.

n-Space (Heroes of Ruin for the 3DS and the Call of Duty games on the original DS) is making this version;
as Vicarious Visions is busy with the Wii U version of 'Giants'.
(Short gameplay clip from E3)

There are multiple versions, which one I need to buy?
It basically comes down to this:
-If you already have a portal from that platform, you need the 'Portal Owners Pack'.
For (US) $59.99 you get the game, one figurine (Tree Rex)with a sheet of stickers and a trading card and a poster.

-If you don't have a portal, then you need the 'Starter Pack'.
For (US) $74.99, you get the game, a 'Portal of Power', 3 figurines with their respective stickers and trading cards and a poster.

-The portals on the 'Starter Packs' this time are wired/USB (except 3DS version which communictaes with the 3DS through IR).
Only the PS3 and Wii portals from last year's game were wireless. So, if you want a wireless portals for those platforms;
(Xbox 360 portals was wired last year) you might need to grab one from the first game.

Now, here comes the kicker.
-The PC, PS3, 360, Wii and Wii U(?) versions all include the same 3 starters: Tree Rex, Cynder and Jet-Vac.
-But the 3DS starter includes: Tree Rex, Cynder and Punch Pop Fizz (red variant of Pop Fizz).

When are new figurines going to be released?
Like last year's game, in waves. Every few months, stores will receive a few packs (either singles, 3-packs.
Color variations are planned too, though those are just "for show" as the different color doesn't change anything in the actual game.
Last year the last wave of figurines was released around Summer 2012 (this year); so if you're planing on collecting them or looking for
a specific one be ready to keep an eye out across stores...and wait a little bit too.​

Poster (included in all copies of the game):

Size comparison:

Mega Bloks:
Diggeh, made a nice post with more details and pictures about it, check it out!

For more information regarding what is Skylanders and how does it works, please the check last year's OT; or visit the official website.

Why Mega Bloks instead of LEGO?
Because Activision.

Where will the sets be available?
They will be available at Amazon, Toys "R" Us, Walmart, and Target mid-November.

How much will these building sets cost?
Your savings account
There is no wallet
Clicking on the set pictures links directly to their corresponding Mega Bloks page. You can find information from this thread and more, such as prices and where they are sold.

Are these figures compatible with either Skylanders game? There doesn't seem to be any benefit to buying them. Besides, it's Mega Bloks.
No, but they are incredible. See for yourself. Mega Bloks has really upped their quality for these new Skylanders Giants sets.

There are so many pretty pictures! How can I tell how much money I need to throw at the screen?
The main sets are ordered by price (including the exclusives and battle packs). In short, it's Skylanders--surrender your wallet now.

Beware the dreaded Toys "R" Us Tax!
Everything is marked up more than it should be.

Are these toys suitable for younger fingers? I'd much rather play with them myself, but you know how kids are...THAT'S MY TREE REX, TREVOR!
All Mega Bloks Skylanders sets are for ages 5+, but I have a feeling more scalpers adult collectors will be hoarding buying a complete set than children.

Will I look like a fool buying these at retail?
If you're uncomfortable with buying toys because you're "cool", you can always order online at Amazon. (Hint: Your likes surpass the opinions of strangers.)
However, if you've already spent over $200 on Skylanders figures, you may as well bathe in these building sets!

We all have.

What are "Battle Portal Packs"?
The LEGO Ninjago of Mega Bloks Skylanders Giants. Each $10 pack comes with a Skylander, a sheep/Chompy, and a portal that lights up and can slide into another portal.

Plus it's a cheap way to get a single Skylander you like!

...Again, like Ninjago.

Sky Turret Defense
MSRP: $11.99
Piece Count: 54
  • Buildable turret with working launcher
  • Buildable Chill with spear and shield
  • One treasure chest
Where to buy:
Amazon - $11.99
TRU - $12.99
Target - TBA
Walmart - TBA

Troll Mech Ambush
MSRP: $19.99
Piece Count: 165
  • Buildable mechanical walker with working launcher
  • Buildable troll enemy
  • Buildable Tree Rex with boulder
  • One sheep
Where to buy:
Amazon - $19.99
TRU - $21.99
Target - TBA
Walmart - TBA

Arkeyan Copter Attack
MSRP: $29.99
Piece Count: 136
  • Buildable Arkeyan Copter with opening cockpit, spinning rotors and two working launchers
  • Buildable Spyro
  • One treasure chest and pretzel
  • Three Frigid Chompies and building plates
Where to buy:
Amazon - $29.99
TRU - $34.99
Target - TBA
Walmart - TBA

Crusher's Pirate Quest
MSRP: $49.99
Piece Count: 314
  • Buildable mini dock and pirate ship with raising sail and working launcher
  • Rebuilds into a large dock with action-reaction features
  • Buildable Crusher and Cynder
  • One treasure chest, cake slice and scroll
  • One Axecutioner
  • One Chompy
Where to buy:
Amazon - $49.99
TRU - $54.99
Target - TBA
Walmart - TBA

Turret Air Raid
MSRP: $11.99
Piece Count: 70
  • Buildable turret with working launcher
  • Buildable Terrafin with exclusive pirate doo rag hat
  • One treasure chest
Where to buy:
Target - TBA

Swarm Mech Invasion (I HAD to make a GIF of it!)
MSRP: $29.99
Piece Count: 196
  • Buildable mechanical walker with working launcher and glow-in-the-dark parts
  • Buildable troll enemy with glow-in-the-dark parts
  • Buildable Swarm, Cynder, and Trigger Happy with glow-in-the-dark parts
  • One glow-in-the-dark treasure chest
Where to buy:
Walmart - $29.99 (Exclusive)

Dark Castle Conquest
MSRP: $119.99 (!!!)
Piece Count: 924
  • Buildable castle with working launcher, collapsing wall, swiveling throne, interior courtyard with Kaos fountain and more!
  • Working catapult and castle ring vortex
  • Buildable Kaos and Glumshanks (Kaos' Trusted Minion)
  • Buildable Bouncer and Ignitor
Where to buy:
TRU - $119.99 (Exclusive)

Trigger Happy's Battle Portal
MSRP: $9.99
Piece Count: 15
  • Buildable Trigger Happy
  • Battle Portal with motion-activated lights and battle bumper
  • Collectible Tech element icon and other loot items
  • One sheep
Where to buy:
Amazon - $9.99
TRU - $10.99
Target - TBA
Walmart - TBA

Terrafin's Battle Portal
MSRP: $9.99
Piece Count: 15
  • Buildable Terrafin
  • Battle Portal with motion-activated lights and battle bumper
  • Collectible Earth element icon and other loot items
  • One Chompy
Where to buy:
Amazon - $9.99
TRU - $10.99
Target - TBA
Walmart - TBA

Ignitor's Battle Portal
MSRP: $9.99
Piece Count: 16
  • Buildable Ignitor
  • Battle Portal with motion-activated lights and battle bumper
  • Collectible Fire element icon and other loot items
  • One Chompy
Where to buy:
Amazon - $9.99
TRU - $10.99
Target - TBA
Walmart - TBA

Chop Chop's Battle Portal
MSRP: $9.99
Piece Count: 18
  • Buildable Chop Chop
  • Battle Portal with motion-activated lights and battle bumper
  • Collectible Undead element icon and other loot items
  • One sheep
Where to buy:
Amazon - $9.99
TRU - $10.99
Target - TBA
Walmart - TBA

Dark Spyro's Battle Portal
MSRP: $9.99
Piece Count: 12
  • Buildable Dark Spyro with exclusive viking hat
  • Battle Portal with motion-activated lights and battle bumper
  • Collectible Magic element icon and other loot items
  • One sheep
Where to buy:
Amazon - TBA
Target - TBA
Walmart - TBA

Ultimate Battle Arcade
MSRP: $39.99
  • Buildable Jet-Vac and Shroomboom
  • Master all five games to become the champion of the Skylands: Hit the bumpers to earn treasure and loot in Turbo Target
  • Rebound off the bumpers to hit the jackpot in Treasure Chest Blaster
  • Launch into the target zone with precision in Battle Shuffle
  • Fire coins into the target zone with Coin Shooter
  • Battle head-on with your opponent’s Skylander in Portal Rumble
Where to buy:
Amazon UK - TBD

Skylanders Figure Packs (ETA: 2013)
MSRP: $5.99
Translucent Bash
Trigger Happy with Gatling Gun
Silver Metallic Spyro
Jet Vac with Cowboy Hat

Skylanders Battle Portals Series 2 (ETA: 2013)
MSRP: $9.99
Stealth Elf's Battle Portal
Eruptor's Battle Portal
Gill Grunt's Battle Portal
Drobot's Battle Portal

Troll Tank Gun Down
MSRP: $11.99
  • Buildable Flameslinger

Zeppelin Airship Assault
MSRP: $19.99
  • Buildable Eye-Brawl

Trollin' for Gold
The Harbringer of Skylands
Skylanders Giants |OT| Your Spending Will Spyro Out Of Control
Ha I love this one.

I had to do something really hard for me today and Cancel my order for the 360 Starter pack.

I had it pre ordered for $60 but I also have the 3DS Starter Pack pre ordered for $20 and since I care more about the figures themselves then the game it was just the most logical choice.

I really wish they had selected different figures for the 3DS version then I would have been happy getting both rather then being stuck with an extra Tree Rex and Two extra Cynder I wouldn't need.
I never realized that Skylanders had no online multiplayer. Is there any particular reason for this?

I haven't played the first game but was thinking about picking this up. Is it geared strictly for kids, or is there a lot for adults as well?
I never realized that Skylanders had no online multiplayer. Is there any particular reason for this?

I haven't played the first game but was thinking about picking this up. Is it geared strictly for kids, or is there a lot for adults as well?
It's sort of like Gauntlet for kids.

I love collecting the figures but as an adult the first game was a total snooze fest between the cakewalk difficulty level and Juvenal writing I had to force myself to finish it.

That said Giants is supposed to have selectable difficulty levels that are harder including an extra hard mode once you beat the game....
Thanks, fernoca! Great job! Seeing as how there is going to be WAY more merchandise (besides the figures) this time around, it might be cool to post some pics with information on many of the extra things that we can buy that will be Skylanders-branded. I know that there are books, bed sheets, figure cases, wallets (oh, the irony), backpacks, clothing etcetera that will flood the markets. I'm constantly seeing new products that I had no idea even existed.
My wallet is going to cry on Friday.

I already managed to order the "Portal Owner" packs for the PS3 and 3DS versions (hoping that, like Dark Spyro, Punch Pop Fizz will be available as a single pack down the line).

Will be popping into my local shop on Friday to pick up all the new characters I can find. Had great times with this last year.
I just pre-ordered the pack with the portal for the 360, though we already have a portal. 3 figurines at $9.99 each makes it the best deal.

Will the Wii U version be the definitive version? Anybody have any insight?

Gamestop will have an time-exclusive 3 pack of characters. I have one pre-ordered. I have a cool manager at my local GS. He is going to call me ahead of time to tell me what single/3-pack figures they will have in stock ahead of time.
Objectively, are these games good? It seems like a really expensive outing.
They are fun for the kids, but not that much replay value. I thought the game was cute and fairly fun.The figurines are nice toys as well as parts of the game. Ninjagos cost about the same and they do not have the application that Skylanders do.
Any figurine works?
Well, kinda.
Figurines from last year's game can be used on this game. Re-released figurines from the first game, which now will have a different pose or look can also be used.
Entirely new figurines (new characters, Giants, etc.) can't.
What? The new figures won't work in this game? What's the point in the new figures...?
Spyro was only tagged to the first game's name because of name recognition. He plays no special part in the game's storyline and Skylanders is so successful now that it can stand on its own. He is, of course, still a character in Giants.
I'm kinda interested on the concept of this game. First was a great idea but the game itself was meh.
Surprised by that, as a kids game I thought it was surprisingly deep and had great production values. Has a Diablo vibe to it - only you have to spend real money to get good stuff. So in other-words it's Diablo 3 Jnr.
Two quick fixes...
Updated the 3DS starters (thanks to Diggeh)
Been waiting for this thread! I already have the new singles and Legendary 3-Pack on preorder at TRU (come on Giants!).

I'm assuming you'll be updating the first post to make it look nicer and correct mistakes:
And updated the "any figurines work?" part, as the wording was vague and incomplete too. :p

I'm confused by the any figurine works section, the new giants figurines don't work?

Thread will be updated through the week/months. The original OT started like this and ended...quite big with tons of images too; so I'm trying to find a balance between both. :p

There's also a ton of merchandise for thsi year's game. migth add soem of that.
No subtitle to the title as not only I'm not a big fan of them, but even adding them always divide people even if I end using suggestions from others. :p
Gonna wait on reviews of the 3DS version before I decide to bite or not.

Not really sure if n-space can do what Vicarious did so well the first time around, but I'm hopeful. I'm seriously craving a new 3D platformer right now.
Gonna be pickin this up. I asked what a preorder get you at Gamestop. The guy said "the game" and how it was such a success it will fly off the shelves.
Yeah, a little disappointed there's no pre-order bonus at all. I was hoping for something to keep secret until my daughter needed a pick-me-up.
Aw hell, I swore to not buy any of the old Skylanders in the new poses, but I really like that Sonic Boom comes with one of the hatchlings.

Double Trouble also comes with a little minion.

I am only buying new characters and Lightcore versions of old ones. I inadvertently bought every single character last time around so better exercise more restraint this time around!
my daughter and i had a lot of fun with the first one, I told myself and her we will just get a couple extra characters so we at least have one of each element. that didnt happen, we probably have over 15, not going crazy with the new one but im sure we will get a couple of the new characters, just not 15. we will get this eventually but probably not day 1, might wait till xmas or hope for a black friday deal, my wallet will be hurting next month with Most Wanted, Halo4 and Black Ops2
So, Fernoca, I shouldn't post my collection pics on this topic?

This game SHOULD have more replay value - although I got a ton of playtime in the first game and I'm going on 34 - as it has a hard mode that is supposedly giving people who already have the game a hard time by level 3. Then, it has an unlockable Nightmare Mode, and I hope that is Dark/Demon's Souls or old-school NES games hard.