Titanfall has monsters too, bros!

Update: Seems they might not enter the arenas though:

Steverulez said:
timturi: For those buzzing about the Levithan monsters in Titanfall, when I spoke with Respawn they informed me they won't actually enter the maps.
Update 2: Ok so maybe the leviathans won't enter the arena, but SOME monsters will ->

]The new map, Boneyard, is a desert environment set amidst the ruins of an old engineering facility. Huge leviathan-like creatures wander the distant backgrounds, warded away from the battlefield with dog whistle-like apparatuses. Boneyard is the result of a malfunctioned dog whistle, with the tremendous bones of a fallen leviathan setting the surface-side stage for combat. Respawn says players can fight within the huge skeleton and even perch atop it and snipe. Indigenous flying NPC creatures can also swoop down to pester your allies and enemies, creating a livelier match. Down below the surface is the facility itself.
per Game Informer

Original post:

John Davison said:
Pretty excited about the news of monsters in Titanfall…and the latest ad certainly confirms it pic.twitter.com/c4z1ActkEE

Between this and the giant skulls we've seen on the Boneyard map:

might be some Pacific Rim up in this biznatch


Don't worry, I'll vouch for them.
Dude...that title is a little much.

Should have had a spoiler warning, just for the people who want to be somewhat left in the dark.
i didn't even think about spoilers in a multiplayer game, my bad for anyone offended. If people agree that's too much a mod can change it to something like SPOILER WARNING

A friend of mine agreed with me that they should do some sort of co-op horde mode to let you fight Titans and monsters too although I doubt they will
That'd be one way to get me a lot more interested in the game. It's a fun shooter, but not something I could see myself playing for a long time since it's really easy.

Having monsters though? Aw hell yea. I'm still searching for the Megalodon in BF4 afterall.
how would this play out, a giant set piece in the middle of maps that just wreaks havoc? Or perhaps something for competitive coop to bring down some monsters in some sort of weird western Monster Hunter mashup? If it's the latter there better be a Titan that can wield greatswords and hammers.