TLoU:R Photomode Thread:I struggled a long time with compression [READ OP] [SPOILERS]


Since some people have the game and others are asking for the thread to go up...

Thanks to Lukas Japonicus for the thread title.
Welcome to the official thread for The Last of Us Remastered's Photomode! Read the rules and watch the tutorial and you're set!

Tutorial video

  • Limits: 3 images per post. If you have more than 3, link to an album or wait for somebody else to post.
  • Spamming: No double posting.
  • Spoilers: Please do not embed (img tags) any major plot points until August 3, 2014. You can still post them in a link format however (url tags) until that date. What is a spoiler? Anything from the introduction level, any big plot points, and anything from the last level.
  • Editing: Please do not edit your photos in any image editing programs. Vanilla only. There is already a thread for edited screenshots. You can resize images to as low as 1280px wide.
  • Read and follow the hosting and compression requirements.
  • If the L3 button does not work (pre-rendered cutscenes) then don't post it in this thread.

Compression and Hosting
Posting screenshots with the best quality possible is a good habit to get into, and as such this topic will only allow screenshots that meet the following requirements:
  • Images from a capture card uploaded to a permitted host.
  • Images from the SHARE button that are retrieved from the PS4 with a USB drive and then uploaded to a permitted host.
Rehosting notice:
Uploading your image to Facebook or Twitter from your PS4 and then rehosting it on one of the permitted hosts does not help your image, it is still super compressed and does not look pretty. The USB method + a good host from the start is the only way you can use the Share button for this thread.

Permitted hosts:
  • Flickr: Two terabytes of storage and great for screenshot library management.
  • Picpar: Brought to you by none other than X3sphere, a simple and efficient image host.
  • Abload: Easy to use, doesn't compress jpegs further, auto-converts bmps to png nicely.
  • Minus: A solid alternative to Abload, though slow to load for some.
  • Photobucket: As long as you don't have the hosting/bandwidth cap they're pretty good.
  • Cubeupload: Advertises no compression, also fast.
  • Your own server or website
Banned hosts:
  • Facebook
  • Tinypic
  • Imageshack
  • Twitter

How do I export to USB?

Here is an example screenshot composed by Neil Druckmann, and posted here by Arne.

Some examples by me:

Post some great shots guys. So looking forward to play around with the photo mode and replay the game in two or three years when I get my PS4 :)


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I was on the fence on double dipping, but now due to a ego-inducing contest on a forum, i am getting this day one....

What have i become Gaf?
Kick his ass off it. This thread needs you!

Just kidding, that would be mean.

Do it.
I would... But it's a review copy and I should probably be a good girlfriend and let him do his job :(...

But he's making some pictures too so once I get the PS4 back I might have even more photos to share! :D

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And why would I want them?
Nice! Photo mode should be in every ps4 game.There were some absolutely insane looking shots of infamous in photo mode. Hopefully tlou is just as good.
For the purpose of screenshots, I'd suggest reducing to 30fps for better shadows.

Don't love me.
I agree.

Does the "photo mode" allow full camera settings/changes?

It's going to take me like 30 hours to complete this game because I'm gonna be stopping every five minutes to take a picture.
I do this in nearly every PC game and console game that allows photos to be taken.