Tokyo Dark Souls (Fan art) Would you play this?

Would be kinda SMT x Dark Souls. It could be great.

Though something like Roger Dean x Dark Souls or H.R Giger x Dark Souls would be even better.
I'd prefer just a straight up scifi/cyberpunk setting over otaku version of modern Tokyo. Don't really care about the overuse of tropes you see in games with settings like that. I liked Souls games because they stood apart from your typical anime JRPG.
Using traffic signs as weapons seems like such a high level technique to use in real life.
If nothing else using a real life setting gives it a unique feeling of familiarity that is shown off in that fanart.
I guess, but honestly I'd rather have that Mayan or Aztec setting fighting off faceless conquistadors and mythological creatures in the jungle and stone pyramid cities.
Yeah, a moden day Souls is probably my most wished for game (alongside a Platinum-developed FF spin-off).

That concept looks incredible.
Refine the glorious Let It Die gameplay to be more like Dark Souls (and less F2P feeling) and you've got this to a certain degree. Definitely would have me more interested than the fantasy shit that DS is currently set in. I mean, I love the DS games, but I don't care for fantasy too much anymore.

So yeah, do this right and I'd play it so so so fucking hard.
I love the エストミン flask, and an environmental weapon system like Dead Rising's combined with Souls-style action would be fascinating.

I think it would lose a lot for overseas audiences who wouldn't be fighting through familiar neighborhoods, though. Even in this thread, people aren't feeling the atmosphere of decay.


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Love the aesthetic. A couple of those pictures (the golem made of street signs and the tank pic especially) remind me of Kaidan from The Secret World.