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Was Biscuit before, or after Tsunade?
Volume Bisky's age is revealed: April 2002
Volume Tsunade's age is revealed: August 2003.

The trend of Naruto Part 1 taking things from HunterxHunter never ends. A big part of why Shippuden sucks so much is because Kishimoto ran out of HunterxHunter chapters to copy thanks to HiatusxHiatus.
Bond has a family?

There's an actual explanation for why Bisky looks so young, so don't worry about that.
As long as they don't sexualize her (this is HxH, I don't see it happening), I don't really mind Biscuit looking young. It's not like she acts like a 10 year old or anything.
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You don't need to worry about that

Sexualize Bisky...I'm not sure it's possible...
I'm not worried, actually. Just in general that's how I feel about characters in anime that look younger than they are. Usually it's done for gross purposes, but when it's not I have no problems with it.
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