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Jun 7, 2009

Being the heavily multiplayer-based game UMvC3 is, naturally you want to get some games in with your fellow GAFers. And there are a few ways to do so. Karsticles has created this handy spreadsheet that you can add yourself to, which is informative and helpful when it comes to finding matches with fellow GAFers.

If you are on PS3, you can use the MvC3 PSN Chat to set up matches. I don't have a PS3, and thus am not responsible or able to help people use this feature to get games going or get into the chat. I'll leave it up to PSNGAF to organize it and help others get into the chat. To find out how you can join the PSN Chat, click here.

If you are on 360, you can add the gamertag MahvelGAF to your friends list. Note that this is not the same as the GAF Tag used for MvC3 as that one is being retired. IntelliHeath will be managing it and accepting invites and if you have any problems you should PM him. This is much more efficient than adding everyone on GAF individually, with the limit on the number of friends one can have and all. How this works is that everyone who has added the gamertag (up to a maximum of 100 friends), can use the "Friends of Friends" feature Xbox Live has to see who else from MahvelGAF is currently online and send invites to them. After you add the gamertag, pull up their gamer profile in your Xbox Guide and press right to access the personal profile. Here you will see an option to see the friends of the gamertag, and thus you will be able to send invites/messages to everyone else on GAF who has added MahvelGAF.

Additionally, Kadey will be streaming and hosting GAF UMvC3 360 and PSN lobbies on her Twitch.tv account.

And last but not least, check out the thread for the survey shaowebb did of GAFers about UMvC3! Also, bonus MahvelGAF image!:

GAF Events:

I'm new to MvC3 and/or the MvC franchise. Where do I get up to speed?
You've missed a lot my friend. For a fantastic write up on the history of the MvC franchise, check out Gamesradar's feature here. For gameplay mechanics, look no further than the OT for MvC3. For everything else, Shoryuken.com's old Hyper Guide and iPlaywinner's Guide which includes our very own Karsticles' fantastic Team Building Guide.

If you prefer general video tutorials for characters amongst many other varied MvC3 and UMvC3-related productions, look no further than GAF's own Maximillian's YouTube Channel, featuring his Assist Me series of character tutorials. Additionally, FingerCramp has been doing a series of UMvC3 Character Rehab tutorials that are generally informative.

If your into the nitty gritty of how the game evolved through professional tournaments in it's short lifespan, check out Dahbomb's Statistical Analysis of Tournament Character Usage.

Why is this not DLC? It's only coming out 9 months after MvC3? Why? WHY?!
Seth Killian, Special Advisor for fighting games at Capcom answers these big questions more thoroughly than I could sum up in this interview.

Can I keep my copy of MvC3 and use it to play people who have went on to buy UMvC3?
No, it's a new game not just a balance patch, and has many changes to fundamental mechanics and enough new characters and balances to justify the lack of ability for vanilla and Ultimate owners to play with eachother.

So what do I get for buying MvC3 and being burned by this being released 9 months later?
You get Galactus Mode unlocked early, which is regularly unlocked after achieving 40 0000 PP.

Speaking of DLC, what's the deal with that? Are we gonna get Shadow Battles and nothing substantial this time around too?
Not really. So far there are a few pieces of DLC planned. The first is Heroes & Heralds mode, detailed above, which will not be Day 1 DLC, but will come post-launch. Next ares the alternate costume packs. Every character will receive an alternate costume in one of many packs, with each pack, bar the complete one, costing 320MSP on XBL or $4 on PSN. The Costume Pack 01 from MvC3 will carry over to UMvC3 if you bought it before, as will the DLC characters Jill Valentine and Shuma-Gorath (who will receive free alternate costumes to those who bought Costume Pack 01). All of the planned costume packs have been released:
  • Rising Dead Pack (Phoenix, Frank, Nemesis, Ghost Rider)
  • Evil Twin Pack (Spider-man, Deadpool, Hsien-Ko, Vergil)
  • Ancient Warrior Pack (Hulk, Magneto, Arthur, Firebrand) - Dec.20th TBA because of a lawsuit.
  • Brawler Pack (She-Hulk, Haggar, Spencer, Iron Fist)
  • Femme Fatale Pack (Morrigan, Storm, X-23, Chun-li)
  • Villain Pack (Super Skrull, Wesker, C.Viper, MODOK)
  • New Age of Heroes Pack (Dr. Doom, Sentinel, Strider, Akuma)
  • Animal Pack (Wolverine, Rocket Raccoon, Felicia, Amaterasu)
  • Weapon Expert Pack (Zero, Hawkeye, Taskmaster, Trish)
  • Viewtiful Strange Pack (Dr. Strange, Dormammu, Nova, Phoenix Wright, Viewtiful Joe, Tron Bonne)
  • Complete Pack (all 47, 20$ PSN, 1600MSP)

Is online 'fixed' this time?
The consensus is that it is significantly better than MvC3, but not perfect.

Are Jill Valentine and Shuma-Gorath, the two DLC characters for MvC3 included on disc?
They are on the disc, but you will still have to purchase the DLC to have access to them in UMvC3. If you owned them in MvC3, they will carry over into UMvC3 so you don't have to purchase them again.

Why is Megaman/Megaman X/Megaman Volnutt/Megaman X/Megaman.EXE/Megaman X/Megaman Starforce/Gene/Proto Man/Howard the Duck not in the game as a playable character?
A frequent question that never seems to really go away. The additions for UMvC3 have been controversial and there are many reasons why. Characters are arguably the largest factor in people's purchasing decisions when it comes to games like this. The fan request polls hosted at multiple sites, including GAF, don't seem to correlate with the fan requests 100%. It is important to understand the character selection progress that occurs for both sides. For the Marvel side, Marvel "suggests" a list of characters that they would like to see in the game and Capcom chooses characters from that list that they like. With the Capcom side, there is a bit more free reign as they have control of their own IPs. However, characters are decided based upon the following criteria in order of descending importance:

1) They must provide a unique playstyle to the game
2) They must work well in the UMvC3 battle system and it's environment
3) Fanservice

Examples of such are Nemesis: Capcom needed a brute first and formost to compliment Sentinel and thus he was added. Other choices are simpler, such as Seth being a fan of the GnG series and thus influencing the decision to get Firebrand and Arthur into MvC, or both the producer and the battle designer being fans of Devil May Cry and thus helping Vergil get in. Capcom employees such as Seth and Sven have explicitly stated that Marvel has their own agenda at times, and considering stuff like movie and comic book tie-ins, the choices appear to reflect Marvel's promotional interests quite accurately. The jarring lack of Spiderman villains specifically is due to a licensing issue regarding the new Amazing Spiderman film. Niitsuma stated that he wanted 58 characters (20 newcomers instead of 12) in this game to 2up MvC2, but time restrictions and presumably budget restrictions resulted in the roster we see today. It was rumoured that two big fan favourites, Gene and Megaman X, made it into the final, but large, selection pool of characters for UMvC3, although they were both left on the cutting room floor.

If you come into this topic to express your dismay of your favourite character not getting in and are met with disgruntled posters, don't be surprised as regulars have been down this road far too many times and would rather not beat a dead horse some more.

Is UMvC3X real?
No, this rumour was confirmed fake.

Will there be another iteration in the MvC3 game series?
Various Capcom reps have answered this question with the same response: No. Of course this is Capcom, and plans can change.

To view the full balancing change log of from MvC3, refer to these two posts in the original OT for UMvC3.

Additionally, the game recieved it's first balance patch on December 19th, which contained many documented -and undocumented- changes, as well as unlocking Heroes & Heralds mode for everyone. Official patch notes courtesy of Capcom Unity:
  • Anytime throw tech glitch has been removed.
  • Characters can now air block when falling to the ground after an air dash.
  • Phoenix Wright's α and β assists are no longer invincible in Turnabout Mode.
  • Knockback from Wolverine's "Berserker Rage" has been modified so that infinite combos are no longer possible.
  • The second hit of Hulk's "Anti Air Gamma Charge 2nd H" is no longer an untechable knockdown after 2 reps, so infinite combos are no longer possible.
  • Vergil's "Helmet Breaker" can no longer be canceled through button drumming.
  • Hawkeye's "Trick Shot (Violet Fizz)" poison damage will now continue during the capture state of "Quick Shot (Hunter)."
  • There was one frame where you could not block after activating X-Factor, but that has been fixed so you can block immediately now.
  • When hitting an assist character who has super armor, it has been modified so that proper hit stun still occurs.
  • Super armor breaking moves no longer cause a momentary freeze on hit.

Pre-release MvC3 was an interesting time full of hype, sometimes too much hype, in which case it was archived and now chronicled for all of GAF to look back on and laugh at. Click here to see GAFers get exposed!​

- - - - -

I'd like to thank Red Arremer for making the lovely character banners for the change log, Dahbomb for his fantastic work compiling the most accurate change log on the 'net and contributing the character descriptions for the new 12 characters, and the rest of MahvelGAF for contributing tidbits here and there that helped make this OT :D

And last but not least..

Feb 17, 2009
Hsien-Ko sux ;____________;

Capcom's roster is lukewarm

Why do I still post in these threaaaaaaaaaads
I should look into it, but I don't even have time anymore for UMvC3, let alone video games. I've downgraded from pot monster to stream monster again.

Darkstalkers is incredibly entertaining to watch though, I had my first taste I think it was at the last EVO or something, but it seems like my kind of game if it has a bunch of bullshit in it.
This can be solved by stream monstering just like everything else in life. Let me know if you are actually interested in fixing this problem and I'll recommend the proper footage.

You'll see the dark soon enough.
Dec 12, 2006
I'm surprised I placed at all. Forgot 400 was the page limit when I showed back up for a visit today. What can you do though? 9 months and counting till graduation and I got packets to fill out, a reel to work on, career services putting my portfolio and resume under a microscope and a job to deal with.

Here's hoping in early August after its over and I move I can make a return to the boards and game. I'll see you on the EVO stream when Justin Wong's Iron Fist takes it home. ;D


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Jun 7, 2009
Hsien-Ko sux ;____________;

Capcom's roster is lukewarm

Why do I still post in these threaaaaaaaaaads

This can be solved by stream monstering just like everything else in life. Let me know if you are actually interested in fixing this problem and I'll recommend the proper footage.

You'll see the dark soon enough.
Shoot me a PM homie. I'll get around to it one day when I'm free.

Also shout outs to all my MahvelGAF bros on the wall of hype, and the silent killers like Azure and El Sloth who be holdin it down on that lurker tip. Y'all know who you are. Here's to another 3 months or so of salt.

EDIT: Lol @ Solar as being A tier MahvelGAF member and top 10.
Jun 12, 2008
Brooklyn, NY
yo i tried zero in training mode today

this character is mad good!
Welcome to enlightenment, you're 9 months late. :p

I see what you did there. Though I will use the MMX alt like crazy when I get to play and I don't even roll with Zero. Be great to see Marn rock the alt. Who's he playing now?
*Marvel GAF cycle begins here*

My thing is that they shafted both X hopefuls and Zero fans by giving him that alt. I could have been cool if they flat out said "fuck y'all, X ain't in" if they had given Zero his godlike MMZero look. But then they had to play wishy-washy and add fuel to both the "lol disconfirmed by meaningful reference" fire and smack the hornet's nest that is the Megaman fan base post June last year with a goddamned mallet.

Funny part is, I'm probably gonna rock that alt too. Shit's godlike in looks. :lol
Aug 10, 2008
So this is where I come to lurk now, eh? I'm watching you guys. :3

Also, Captain America: cool character in the game, or coolest character in the game? I think we all know the answer.

Jun 12, 2008
Brooklyn, NY
Dahbomb with that godlike 888 post number. and Solar... you should just cave when the game goes on sale or something! Although I will be with you when Skullgirls drops.
Dat Valentine/Ms. Fortune combo, can't wait. :D

I just realized that in recent memory, I've been dabbling in more fighters than anything else. I also just realized that I have a backlog like a motherfucker to get through but wanting to play moar fightan is killing the little time/attention I devote to my games as of late. Strange little conundrum there.
As will I.

I'll probably stop bumming my friends copy when there's a sale too.
Speaking of which I should double dip on 360 when there's a sale. Maybe I should with SG too.
Dat Valentine/Ms. Fortune combo, can't wait. :D

I just realized that in recent memory, I've been dabbling in more fighters than anything else. I also just realized that I have a backlog like a motherfucker to get through but wanting to play moar fightan is killing the little time/attention I devote to my games as of late. Strange little conundrum there.
Yup exactly the same dilemma here. Spending too much time on FG and not enough time on other games. Doesn't help that my manga backlog increases with the gaming backlog recently when watching more animu lately.
Sep 29, 2011
I've finally been accepted to Gaf, so I decided to make my first post in Marvel Gaf.

My Gamertag is Count Blackule, some people have played me before, I've played on Kadey's stream a couple times but not so much for marvel because I am butt.

I'm rocking Jago's Dante Trish Wesker team, and I thought I was good online but I just went to an underdog tournament in Toronto and got beat pretty harshly.. I would put up the link but it was .. quite bad lol

My tournament jitters + me playing on a lagless TV = Me not being able to play my best, but I would have lost regardless :(
Apr 23, 2010
Tobe, you got the PS3 version yet? You, Killa, and I need to go to Universe B and hunt them.

Also considering dropping Nova :(.
copy secured ETA today 1pm est
extraction point: Local BK near famous university
psn expectation:
SS tier
mission: create salt from the tears of psn gaf.

MI4 mode kicked in sry i just watched this movie like 5 hours ago :/, it was ass like psn

EDIT: YOOO tomorrow the costume pacakge is gonna rock that naked wolvie
Nov 8, 2006
Shit this game is starting to get on my nerves.

Makes me just want to play SF4, this feels like is just who can bullshit the other first. Hell, even winning doesn't feel good, it just makes me feel dirty.
No wonder the Japanese don't play it as much as the americans.
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