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Dec 5, 2008

TITLE | Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
PLATFORM | Playstation 3
GENRE | Action/Adventure
DEVELOPER | Naughty Dog
PUBLISHER | Sony Computer Entertainment

RATINGS | ESRB: T | PEGI: 16+ | OFLC: MA15+ | BBFC: 15


TROPHIES | 1 Platinum, 3 Gold, 8 Silver, 36 Bronze

Amazon.com | The exclusive UNCHARTED 2 Treasure Map allows players to discover hidden treasures throughout the game.
Best Buy | Golden Ak-47 and Golden Barettas.
Game Crazy | The UNCHARTED 2 Currency Multiplier allows gamers to gain in-game currency and unlock bonuses faster than their opponents for a limited period.
GameStop | Unlock the Revenge Booster (automatically drop a grenade when you die) for multiplayer early.

STANDARD EDITION | Uncharted 2 - Among Thieves game
LIMITED EDITION | Uncharted 2 - Among Thieves game, DLC gold weapons, x2 multiplayer skins, XMB theme


720p Resolution @ 30 FPS
7.1 HD PCM Surround Sound
No Installation
Standalone Single Player Campaign | 10-13 hours
Online Multiplayer | Competitive and co-op play
Cinema Mode | Records online matches so you can go back and view them, edit them, and style them as you please.
Advanced XP System | Players earn money/xp in single player, and multiplayer that can be used to buy unlockables from boosters to skins.
Diverse Environments | Take a journey across Asia in various different environments.
Refined Stealth Action that includes pulling and kicking enemies off ledges, and snapping their necks from behind.
Twitter Support | Connect to Twitter and let people know when you complete a chapter, or when you're kicking ass in deathmatch.


Lasts Around 10-13 hours
Four Different Difficulties | Easy | Normal | Hard | Crushing
60/40 Shootout to Puzzle/Adventure ration
Treasures | Collectibles in single player that unlock special features.
Storytelling and Character Development that feels real, and natural.
Gameplay Combination of gunfights, hand to hand combat, stealth, exploration, platforming, and puzzle solving.
Complex Moving Environments | From trains to collapsing buildings in which the player must compensate for the environment's movement.
AI That Works | Enemy AI adapts to your play. They take cover, throw grenades, and take use of the environment. Companion AI does the same.


In 1292 Marco Polo departed China with 14 ships filled with over 600 passengers and crew. Eighteen months later only one ship
remained and only 18 passengers survived. Marco Polo never revealed what happened to these lost ships.

Embarking on a quest to find the lost fleet, fortune hunter Nathan Drake soon realizes Marco Polo was hiding a much bigger secret
- he had gone on a secret expedition to find the mythical kingdom of Shambhala and to recover the legendary Cintamani Stone, the
"wish-fulfilling jewel" of Buddhist mythology.

Drake sets on a new course following Polo's trail through a diverse range of exotic environments. This quest also pits him against
a new, more formidable adversary - a ruthless, rogue paramilitary leader named Zoran Lazarevic with a private military army and a
relentless ambition to recover the stone for himself.

Nathan Drake is an expert treasure hunter. Nate operates in an underworld of fortune-seeks, including his friend and mentor,
Victor Sullivan. Drake and Sully's biggest find: Sir Francis Drake's long lost fortune. Drake has now set his eye on finding the
legendary Cintamani Stone.​

Elena Fisher is a journalist who set out to get a scoop on Francis Drake's fortune. As she tagged along with Nate, a love
interest developed. Since the events of Drake's Fortune, there appears to have been a falling out between the two.​

Victor "Sully" Sullivan is a name synonymous with cigars. While he is a charming fellow, he has got himself into his fair share
of trouble with gambling debt. When in trouble, Nate often comes to save his ass.​

NEW CHARACTER | Now that we are on the topic of asses, yes, Chloe Frazer does has a nice ass. She is also a fortune
hunter, and is a survivalist. She and Nate have partied up on their quest for the Cintamani Stone. A romantic past between
the two is apparent.​

NEW CHARACTER | Zoran Lazarevic is a Serbian war criminal who is set on getting to Shambhala via terror and a very large
army. He is the primary antagonist in Among Thieves.​

NEW CHARACTER | Harry Flynn is another treasure hunter, and an old business associate of both Nathan and Chloe. Harry
brings out the shadiest sides of Drake.​

NEW CHARACTER | Karl Schafer is a valuable resource of information pertaining to the Cintamani Stone. He finds Drake, who
is on the brink of dying, in the Himalayas, and nurses him back to health.​

NEW CHARACTER | Tenzin is Schafer's buddy who is ordered to guide Drake to Shambhala. He speaks no English, but who
cares as long as he gets you into Shambhala.​

Nathan Drake is a rough-around-the-edges, modern-day treasure hunter who sets off to contunue his great ancestor's, Sir
Francis Drake, quest for the lost city of El Dorado.

With the help of a long time friend and mentor, Victor Sullivan, and the tag-along reporter, Elena Fisher, Nate raises
Francis Drake's coffin from the bottom of the ocean to find that Drake faked his death, and left his diary as a clue for
anyone clever enough to find it to use. Ditching Elena at the next port, Drake and Sulley follow the diary to an empty tomb,
once housing a golden idol... a huge golden idol. Drake realizes that El Dorado wasn't a city, but this missing idol, and
prompts him and Sulley to continue the search.

After stumbling upon an old German U-Boat in the middle of the Amazon, Drake gives Sulley the diary and explores inside to
find a map and coordinates in the Captain's Quarters, pinpointing the location of the moved treasure. When Drake returns, he
finds Sulley and himself held at gunpoint by Gabriel Roman and Atoq Navarro.

The reason? Sully's gambling debt.

During negotiations, Roman shoots Sulley dead... and as the U-Boat explodes Nathan makes his escape at which point he
reunites with Elena. Drake and Elena escape and continue the search for El Dorado. While flying to a mysterious, forgotten
island in the middle of the Pacific, Drake's plane is shot down and Elena and Nathan parachute out, ending up separated.
Nathan hurries to find Elena but is captured when he attempts to save her.

Elena returns the favor by breaking him out of his jail cell and driving the getaway Jeep while Nathan fights off the
pursuers. Trapped and out of road, Nathan and Elena stall for time as Eddy Raja, a long time rival of Nate's, attempts to
take back the map. Drake makes a daring escape which buys them a little more time. As Drake and Elena explore more of the
island, they find out Sulley's still alive.

Once reunited, Sulley reveals Drake's diary took the bullet for him and they use the diary to unlock more secrets of the
island. As they get closer to the treasure, more of the island's darker secrets are revealed and Nathan pieces together that
Francis never wanted the treasure, but wanted to get rid of it... for good. After taunting Drake, Roman and Navarro capture
Elena and thank him for leading them to the treasure.

Drake realizes he can't let El Dorado leave the island and as Navarro air lifts it out of the temple, Nate jumps from a
cliff and hangs onto the cargo net. As one of Navarro's men leans out of the helicopter to shoot Drake, Elena kicks him out
of the copter, causing him to shoot the pilot as he falls to his death. Navarro crash lands the copter on his escape ship as
Drake drops from the net onto the deck and takes cover for the final showdown between him and Navarro. Drake and Navarro
fight hand to hand, and while Navarro's down, Nathan rescues Elena from the helicopter teetering on the edge of the landing
pad. As Navarro stands, Drake pushes the copter off the ship, tightening the rope around Navarro's leg and dragging him to
the bottom of the ocean along with the cursed idol of El Dorado. As things calm down, Nathan and Elena stare into the sunset
and lean in to kiss, and Sulley interrupts with the rescue ship, full of gold he stole off some pirates who were "too
dead to care." As Elena reminds Drake he still owes her a story, he assures her he's "good for it" and wraps his arm around
her while they sail off into the sunset.​


Stat Tracking | www.naughtydog.com/stats/index/YOUR_PSN_HERE
Boosters | Players can select two boosters that can do anything from improving pistol blind-fire accuracy to moving faster while carrying items.
Rank System | Based on amount of currency a player has.
Party System & In-Game Invites | Party up to 5 people in competitive ranked play, 3 people in Co-Op, and 10 in Custom Matches.
Custom Game Types | Allows the host to tweak game settings, and allows up to 10 friends to play together. [Custom games are not ranked.]
7 Maps |
A War Torn City, Burnt Out Village, A Lost City, An Ice Cave, A Buddhist Temple, A Train Wreck, and A Monastery
10 Different Modes


Party Size | 5 ranked, 10 custom
Skins | Players can unlock skins and choose what character they want to be.

DEATHMATCH | Kill the other team. The first team to 50 kills win.
Standard | Regular weapons game-type.
Pistols and Grenades | A pistols and grenades only game-type.
Snipers and Pistoles | A snipers and pistoles only game-type.
RPGs | An RPGs only game-type.
ELIMINATION | Players only have one life per round. Take out the other team. First team to survive 3 rounds wins.
PLUNDER | Capture the treasure. Toss it to your team mate, run with it, just put it in the hole. The first team to 5 captures wins.
TURF WAR | Control the specified areas for the longest time to win.
CHAIN REACTION | Capture the 5 areas in order to win.
KING OF THE HILL | Control the specified area for the longest time to win.


Party Size | 3 players
Separate From Single-Player Campaign.
Upgrade System | Players can purchase new upgrades for guns with in-game currency.
Unlocking new difficulties is based around completing the mission (It isn't time based).

OBJECTIVE | A co-op game-type where players navigate through levels completing objectives. This is the co-op "campaign".
GOLD RUSH | A co-op game-type where players try to survive ten rounds of capturing treasure while hordes of enemies attack.
SURVIVAL | A co-op game-type where players try to survive round after round of baddies for as long as possible.

Automatically records multiplayer matches
Stores the last 20 matches (You can also protect matches from being deleted)
Players can tweak various settings such as the camera, the color, the depth of field, the lighting, and the color.
Players can share videos with friends.
In 720P, players can take screenshots.

MACHINIMA MODE | A custom mode that allows players to tweak character's animations. This mode also features a green screen.


Premiere Trailer
E3 Trailer
GamesCon Trailer
Fortune Favors the Bold Trailer | Massive Attack Remix
E3 Single Player Demo
War Escape Demo
Deathmatch Footage
CO-OP Footage
Tech Discussion
Multiplayer Map Walkthroughs and Other Videos (Spoilers)
Behind the Scenes 01 - Technology and Gameplay
Behind the Scenes 02 - Story and Art
Behind the Scenes 03 - Making of the Cinematics
Behind the Scenes 04 - Thinking Like A Dog
Behind the Scenes 05 - Online Technology
Behind the Scenes 06 - Mastering the Cell
Behind the Scenes 07 - Meet the Actors
Behind the Scenes 08 - Our Process Was Different
Behind the Scenes 09 - Motion Capture
Behind the Scenes 10 - Rehearsals
Behind the Scenes 11 - Humor: Keeping It Real
Behind the Scenes 12 - ADR



By RJNavarrete | Click Here to Download (Only one size)​

By KilgoreTrout | Click Here to Download [1080P | 720P]

Nov 7, 2006
I haven't been this excited for a game in a loooong time. Heck, forget game... I haven't been this excited about anything in a long time (although that Chinese meal I had last week was pretty great).


Incredibly Naive
Jan 6, 2007
This will be the game of the generation right here! Just two weeks to go.

I know this will be my favorite campaign and co-op this gen, but I wonder if the competitive can top Resistance 1?
Feb 26, 2007
Fantastic thread. Great content and slick banner. brilliant choice of screens as well.

Will you be adding user reviews to the OP as well like the KZ2 thread? If so I wouldn't mind having my one up there. Which should be this week or next, definitely before the release of the game anyway (I hope).

Anyway, once again, great job. If any PS3 exclusive deserved a great OP, it was this one.
And so it begins, definitely one of my favorite official threads on the site.

I have to admit that I skipped over the character information, Ill just wait these last 15 or so days to get filled in on that.

I just realized that in Drakes Fortune, I beat it in only 10 hours and 6 minutes, so I guess I will finish this one in that 13 hour time frame.
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