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Xbox Indie Live Showcase - 26.03.2021 9:00 PDT / 16:00 GMT


God damn I'm so sick of these fake ass fuck "wow that's so cool" "aassooooome" bullshit talkers.

Give me something real. Don't hand your presentation over to a couple streamers who act like they're just having a casual conversation. Have a presenter present it and stop wasting my time by forcing me to listen to two idiots going "incredible! that's amazing" every two seconds.

Bah, I'm out.
This is why Nintendo Directs get the hype they do, nobody fucking cares about this. In a Direct if the dev has something to say they say it, and GTFO the 'stage'. Do this before or after the presentation, not during it.
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What is she saying, just send your game idea to Xbox and they'll totally help you make it?

Sure. Maybe they will pay you a small amount for the idea. Or they will take the idea and work it into a game and never get back to you.


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Let me guess we're going to have to sit through this drivel and crappy games all the way to end to see a rerun of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R trailer we've already seen.


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Shit. Forgot. Like the other indie show I already missed 45 mins.

Anything good? Or junk?

Right now some woman is asking a tandem about their game where you can fish and act like best friends or some shit.
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Turned it off, ridiculous amount of talking , not one sense of the viewership there, dragging on and on and those two hosts couldn’t be any more insincere.

It’s like that monthly show they used to have, far too much talking, they haven’t got a fucking clue.
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Why is not some am European time, I fell asleep while listening to that. Who the fuck cares for 30 minutes of ramblings about some rural Canada game.


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lol that was a dive deeper than I can handle, will probably show 5 seconds of stalker "gameplay" at the very end for good balance


I’m so thirsty for Silksong news every time I see indie showcase I have some kind of pavlovian false hope response, hell it could even be an ouya indie games showcase or that game machine with a crank indie showcase, I need silksong damnit!
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Thanks for letting me know, game looked great. It's a shame they never mentioned it in the video, I suppose the Showcase was only a short one so suppose they never had time...
I know the others are having a bad time but this is my only real complaint with the stream. Trying to figure out what's on gamepass or not shouldn't so hard.
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