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Xbox Indie Live Showcase - 26.03.2021 9:00 PDT / 16:00 GMT


Dude i fucking hate this show and interview developer for miuntes, do that after the catalogue has been shown. Same shit with Future Games Show which I even skipped last time, god I miss the E3.


Ah right, yeah totally. I was replying to someone talking about this being an Xbox vs. PS thing.
I think it's a competitive move against Sony but less so about hardware sales. The other thing it's kinda a move against is Steam.

Alot of these games are on steam but free via gamepass for pc.


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A show like I try to take the good out of it. Same with other types of shows like State of Play. Repress the fluff and try to focus on what was good. Of what I saw, Song of Iron, Blaster Master, Stalker 2 Death's Door, Exo Mecha(sp?) Ascent, 12 minutes, Nobody Saves the World and that 3d ish platform game, can't recall the name looked good.
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btw Narita Boy is out on Tuesday, preload available now on Game Pass. An action-adventure platformer with a fun story and a really cool combat system.


I think the game deserves an OT, but I got no time in the weekend not to half-ass it...

Loved the demo while it was up during the Steam Festival in February. Check it out!
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I liked the format of this show. Didn't over-promise what would be there, you could tune in an out of it as it went along, felt homey and inviting with the hosts when you dropped in, the big trailers from the event are on Youtube on their own (although it's a little weird they didn't drop all 60 clips, maybe they'll dole them out over the weekend?), and if you don't care about indies, you can fuck right on with the rest of your life.

It's hard to talk about afterwards because the show was so long and there were so many games (even the new game from the Guacamelee developers Nobody Saves the World didn't get a OT) and it could have had more raw footage under the interviews so you could see the game being played, but there were some good games to bookmark and hopefully the indie developers will get what they need from the exposure.
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Think of that BUTT...UNOPEN look at it as a hole.

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I don't disagree that they have more great looking "exclusive" indies than PS but most of these games could be played on a laptop without a discrete GPU so I don't really see how this would actually make people buy an Xbox. Are any of these games actually not on PC also?
A console needs more than AAA games to be successful, because it takes lots of time and money to make a massive AAA production. It doesn't necessarily matter if the games can or can't be played on PC; exclusivity doesn't make a game automatically better and 90% of indies have traditionally been console/PC affairs since forever.


Turned it off after a few minutes, because the chatter was intolerable. But I watched the trailers and snippets of interviews later. There were some really promising games - I can’t wait to play Nobody saves the world and that crow game. Ascent looks better and better. Few other games caught my attention, but, gee, those interviews were a bit embarrassing. Most of these streamers have zero interviewing skills - no follow up questions and mostly saying stupid shit. I lol’d when 12 minutes creator got all deep into the themes and concepts (that was interesting) and the streamer asks if the game has multiplayer.

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A lot of solid indie games here - personal favorites so far

Second Extinction
Death's Door
Demon Turf
Nobody Saves the World
That Viking 2.5D Game

Sign me up, great stuff imo.

The show itself though felt very fake and forced due to how the hosts were. At least they were hot, so whatever.

Lots of good indie stuff tho.


Too much talk and too rushed trailer reel so I couldn’t catch the titles of the games I thought looked nice.
There were some great games shown though! The Ascent and Stalker 2 of course but I also liked that top-down action slide-puzzle game and 12 minutes, Astria something with the character walking on stilts seemed interesting too. I’ll try quite a few games shown here I imagine since they’re on GP.


There were many great games in the show, but let's hope that for the future they structure in another way: make a 30-40 minutes long show at the start showing only the trailers, announcements and gameplay demos. And after it's over then put another 2-3 hours long show with only interviews to the devs where they explain the games.
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