Xbox One UI vid w/Snap

damn, some of the windowed stuff looks super slick.

dunno what use id have for this personally, but it looks like those rumors were way off


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wow, The way it resizes the resolution, they better make it so that it keeps the aspect ratio in the final build.

Otherwise, I don't see why I would use this with a laptop by my side. Concept is cool.


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Wish we had more context on the video. Where was the video taken? Was it a "live" demonstration or a demo under the best possible conditions?

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Did you even watch the video? Its very clearly just a random demonstration, nothing preplanned.

As for snapping, I use on it my surface to watch sports while doing other stuff.
I just don't see a reason to look up movie tickets or google while in-game. There's usually a tablet or phone or laptop around these days anyways, which I'd much rather use.