just registered by the same company that did Xbox's E3 presentations

MS and Sony are gonna be like two divorced parents, fighting for our love. MS, if you open with Kinect, I'm gonna be staying with Sony for a while.
I can't wait to see what they have to show.


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I'm more interested now to see what Microsoft has after the PS4 reveal. If this happens in the next 4-6 weeks they must be quite confident with the new Xbox and it's features including games for 1st/3rd parties.

In regards to the leaks how accurate was the PS4 specs to what we've seen over the last month?
Yeah, this is reactionary to Sony.

People keep saying they've planned this months in advance are probably right to some degree but I really think they are feeling the pinch now.

We are in for interesting times.
well arron greeberg said on his twitter that he gave Sony event 6/10 like 100 times over and over, so you know he is an expert....MS will be 11/10....if you ask him and his minions on twitter...
Said it in the other two threads:

Oh shit I forgot that Gears of War: Judgement comes out on March 19th. So to me I'm guessing we could see an announcement for the event as early as a week from that game's launch. Microsoft seems pretty savvy about not having any overlap in product announcements and releases so I think it's pretty safe to say we won't see anything before the 19th.

To go into more detail, I bet we're going to see a few surprises from third parties. Possibly Call of Duty X or Battlefield 4, The Walking Dead Season 2, a new Mass Effect or Dragon Age, GTA V, and a few other third party games.
Why would any of these be surprises...They need to show new IP's not rehashed shit.
This is long overdue. I'm a bit worried about some of the rumours surrounding the Nextbox, but I can't wait to see the console for the first time. Crossing my fingers for some Alan Wake and PGR goodness.

My body is ready (to be recorded in realtime by Kinect 2.0).

Getting ready for the Mattrick gifs. Oh wait, he's a tool.
Why do people keep saying this?

He might not have the same level of charisma as Kaz, but he's definitely not a tool.
Take a look at his career:

The guy has a ton of experience from the videogame industry.
I am waiting for the amazing Microsoft gifs, it won't be an easy task to reach the level of epicness of the Hirai's gifs but I am counting on you GAF, show me the gifs!
I find it hilarious that Microsoft decided to respond now. Really MS? What the fuck are you waiting for?
MS has become smug that's all. God forbid they become kings of gaming. The amount of BS and money grabing tactics would be too much for my stomach.
I don't think they will go with banning used games, and we have sony to thank for that. Be sure that if Sony went that path MS would as well. Now when Sony clearly said NO, MS will be forced to do that as well. But like I said in othey comment, I won't be surprised if they get away with it.
The Xbox brand is stronger than the PS brand, they have the casuals and the "core" gamers, and Xbox Live is still huge.

And Microsoft isn't a complete mess of a company like Sony.
Sony from PS2 to PS3 was in an even more advantageous position in terms of momentum and cash. Didn't matter. Complacency can still give room to failure.
Sonygaf reaction:

Killzone (4) shown = "Looks amazing wow, can't wait."

Halo (5) shown = "All Microsoft shows is rehashed crap sequels!"

Final Fantasy XXXXVIII shown = "Wow, can't wait!@#!!"

Fable (4) shown = "Give up already Microsoft, nothing but sequels, ugh!"

All hypothetical of course, lol.

I'm in agreement we may not see Halo 5 though.....perhaps one of the new shooter IPs.
All the major games will be revealed at E3. I'm expecting AW 2 and PGR 5 to be the main first party games shown.

3rd party wise, I'm thinking something from Bethesda, COD, The Withcer 3 as well.
The biggest question is if we will have another Kaz like blowout? I don't think it'll be Mattrick, but I could see a Ballmerfied? Won't match the awe inspiring Playstation Meeting Thread sadly.