You’re tasked with implementing loot boxes into Super Mario Odyssey. What do you do?

If you can argue Amiibo's are akin to gambling, then you can compare them loot boxes.

Loot boxes are slot machines for in-game content. They are gambling and a straight up health/mental well-being hazard that is priming kids and adults for full blown gambling addictions.

Not that Amiibo is without issue, but loot boxes should be under intense media/government scrutiny and out right banned if not heavily, heavily regulated.

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First. To implement loot boxes you need to cap the game... so remove all random blocks from the game.

Second Implement a casino world were you need to pay with ingame coins... also purchasable with real money... to open random blocks to get power ups.

An easiest way would be like BoTW amiibo usage and let ppl pay money to refresh the time between uses.
Chû Totoro;251216315 said:
DLC, Season Passes are a bad thing but at least you know what you're paying for.
This isn't always true. Many SP's only detail the first lot of content to drop with only a vague promise of more to come that may or may not be worth the price of entry, hell, I'd even argue that some season passes are pushing up the price of said content when bought piecemeal in order to justify the season cost.


First. To implement loot boxes you need to cap the game....
Every time you jump against a question block you get asked if you want to pay for the contents, 3,99$, if you pay you get a random item, if you don't pay you get a coin.
Question mark blocks for purchase !

Exclusive costumes for sale like retro tanooki suit !

1up mushrooms for sale !

Yoshi's for sale !

Unlock toad as playable character! Only 300 hours of grinding or available in loot boxes!

Keys to unlock warp pipes available only in loot boxes !

Play now no paid dlc guys!!*

* Dlc subject to review
Fuck I want this. Why is Nintendo always so behind, I wish I could spend 10$ everytime I got a useless loot item in BotW for a 0.001% chance of re-rolling a slightly better item.
1. Remove question blocks from gameplay
2. You can buy question blocks using the general coins/real world money that contain a powerup with appropriate rarity values
3. You can buy mystery boxes using the region specific coins/real world money from shops in the corresponding region that contain random local clothing/accessories
4. Have a special area with a special item in each world that only locals are allowed to enter and hence you need a full set of local clothing to access this area
5. You will get the true ending only if you collect all the above mentioned special items
6. The levels are designed in such a way that they can be completed without using cappy's possession but will be much more challenging
7. You can unlock cappy's possession for each enemy type using the corresponding amiibo
Ya'll do know that Nintendo selling Amiibos to unlock ”DLC" is already one of the most anti-consumer practices in the industry right? I wonder how the reaction here would be if I described locking content behind spottily stocked cheap $13 plastic that may be discontinued at some point and is the only means of activating content on a disc you already paid for to you guys.
Except in 99% of the cases the locked stuff is irrelevant shit nobody cares about. And in the rest of the cases it's slightly less irrelevant shit.
I'd reconsider my life choices and then jump out the window so it doesn't happen. At least not in a world I'm still part of.
I remember a time when the perspective of this was basically the same as before Nintendo started doing DLC. To some it was unthinkable. (I hate loot boxes btw, I'm just remembering the reaction back then)
Different playable skins for Mario incl. characters from past games and kameos from other Nintendo games, with the most popular characters being the rarest. No dupes, but different color variations of each character, so even if you get the character you want you might not get a color scheme you like.

I'd also limit them to disposable cards that were sold in amiibo card packs, with one guaranteed common loot box card per pack, with low odds of rarer loot boxes per pack, and would have retailer exclusive color schemes and skins that you have a small chance of getting per pack
There are actually quite a sizeable number of people who don't see the difference between fee-to-pay microtransaction pimping pseudo-gambling games and amiibo ITT on Neogaf...

It's really not hard lol. I could spend 10000000000000 hours playing and £1000000000 on lootboxes trying to get whatever I want in Overwatch, Battlefront 2 or any other of these rubbish microtransaction laden games and *still* not get what I want but I want the Captain Falcon costume for my Mii in Mario Kart 8 I scan my £11 Captain Falcon amiibo and... I get it. In fact I *have* got it, along with several other cool cosmetics. Overwatch on the other hand, after over 70 hours of gameplay? 2 legendary outfits, one for a character I never use, and a lot of completely useless garbage along the way.

It's fine to not like needing to buy, scan and even have amiibo to get that stuff of course... but conflicting it with these pseudo-gambling games? Saying there's barley any difference? Do you not even understand the crux of the problem?
Loot boxes are mostly in Western games right now, correct? Then it'll take a while. But inevitably Nintendo'll get to it too. Maybe it'll start out as a fully free thing in games like Mario Kart and Smash, but eventually you'll get a Fire Emblem or a Splatoon with fully integrated systems to make it possible to buy currency (which you use to buy loot boxes etc.) with real money.

Nintendo is not above any of this, but I think they'll take care to make sure these things are fully adopted and "accepted" by the industry before they let it be part of their top tier franchises. So it'll take some time.
hey now... Mario was a special part of my childhood too... but screw that I ain't losing a career over it -- Fire Flowers and Super Mushrooms via loot boxes, here we come !

wanna 'mod' your game attempt with a special hat? better get spending and gamblin !

each Cappy possession is one-time-use loot box mod... and possessing Bullet Bills is an epic loot box mod only
First I'd eliminate the capture ability, replacing it with skill cards that give you the transformations. Skill cards can be found or purchased with regular coins in level but cost an excess of coins you can only get by grinding. You get a better cost on these skill cards if you buy them in a loot box, but they require the blue coin currency that refreshes in game on an irl weekly timer. This of course is where micro transactions come into play instead of waiting for blue coins to refresh you can pay anywhere from $4.99 to $149.99 to get blue coins so that you can open a lot of loot boxes.

Also you can only hold 3 of any skill card, any duplicates are converted over to regular coins you can use in the overly expensive shop.


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Spend all my hours working on it and fill it with exploits and shit that ruins the game, makes the marketing team get fired, embarrasses Nintendo, gets horrible reviews and gets me fired. Nintendo vows to never implement such shit again, Odyssey is ruined and I walk away knowing I threw little mario on the grenade for the greater good.
Stomp 500 Goombas to get a piece for 100 % cosmetic Goomba Suit. 5 pieces are needed for full set. Otherwise pay $0,99 for a random piece. Each piece from purchased loot box has different rarity: 3/10, 3/10, 2/10, 1/10 and 1/10.

Pay $1,99 to add a special drop to Piranha Plant when killed that allows you to cease Piranha Plants from spawning for a certain duration of time.

Pay $4,99 to replace all 1 UPs with Poison Mushrooms.
I would combine it with Amiibos and make everyone tear there hair out. Scan for a lootbox, only one scan a day per figure to get you one lootbox (so you buy more Amiibos for more lootboxes a day), plus our newly released Wedding Mario, Peach and Bowser figures (Only available in a Triple Pack) give you lootboxes with a greater chance at higher quality items!