You can access Miiverse on PS Vita but not on 3DS

And Nintendo were aiming for 3DS Miiverse by "The end of the year" - Which in Nintendo language means expect Miiverse late december.

Oh dear...

Well, at least it isn't all that important.


never left the stone age
Isn't it more likely Miiverse will block the Vita browser instead of the other way around?
Think about it. Does Nintendo want Miiverse out everywhere? Yeah probably.

Does Sony want Nintendo advertizing on the Vita? Probably not.

Doubt either of them will add a block though, it's just silly.
^oh man - I'm glad it's RR in the pic, actually got my friends to buy psps and play around each others houses for like a year with RR.

Whereas I know you're being facetious, this doesn't have to do with technological superiority, Nintendo more than likely just blocked Miiverse access on the 3DS browser.
None of that is true :p
I actually thought Miiverse on the 3DS would just be the web app they released today, so it's kinda good that they are making a proper miiverse app for the 3DS. Hopfully it's actually integrated into the system rather than another swapnote style thing.

Still, the image is funny heh.