You can invite 3 video game characters to a dinner party tonight. Who’s coming?


Golden Boy
Pyra because she can cook and is a 2 in one character as she comes with Mythra.

Kat because she loves the sweets.

Tifa because the thirst is real.


Doesnt need recognition

Both Zool and Knack did not show up..

Luckily (?) Bubsy made it, although 4 hours late and smelled of cheap liquor and glue (?). He ransacked my fringe and made of mess my toilet before leaving without shaking my hand because of "covid"

1/10 wouldn't invite again.

PS: his head game was weak
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Damn OP already picked Ayane. I was going to say Ayane, nu-Lara Croft and whacky woohoo pizza man
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