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Originally Posted by Fourth Storm

While specs are always fun to discuss, it's important to note that Wii U has all the hardware for next gen OS functions. I believe this has the potential to impress consumers even more than fancy graphics. The tablet controller really could revolutionize the typical console experience. Here's what I'd like to see:

-Video chat (OS level, put a game in standby to take a call)
-Voice Commands
-Facial recognition (hopefully better than kinect, should be as the camera will be close)
-Suspend game (hopefully this will save your current state even if you put the system in standby or turn it off)
-OS level screen grab/video (share your achievements w/ your friends in a new way, draw on screen shots to highlight your "play")
-Watch a friend's play session online via the DRC (like that 1up article last year)
-Multitasking (keep an FAQ open to reference)

Add to this that Wii U has potential to be a great Netflix box, with an optimal interface for browsing through the selection (and no longer hampered by SD output). Then, there are other expected aps/channels, such as the renovated and converged eShop, Hulu, MLB, etc.

I suppose my point is this: On my Xbox 360, I sometimes just log in to see what's up without deciding what I want to do/play. I only sometimes do this on Wii and almost never on PS3. If Nintendo can make Wii U something that you want to power on ever day, I think they'll be in good shape, even w/ the more powerful competition.

the bold ones are already available to developers, or planned to be available in the documentation they can access.

Some of the rest are maybe activated also (those linked to the camera, they weren't accessible a few months ago but it could have changed with newer sdk revisions) or expected as they advertised these at E3 2011, and as disclosed here, they left huge room for the OS/system functions.