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Originally Posted by Takuhi

Nowhere in this Star Ocean 4 interview does he say that SO4 is only for one platform. He says it's for "hardware that can display beautiful graphics," but beyond that it has not been decided. (He might be hoping for a moneyhat?)

• The game "isn't that far off"
• Specific details on SO4's release will be available by the time people are done playing the SO1 and SO2 remakes
• In its current stage the battles are already playable, but full of placeholder elements
• The story is done, and while he can't talk about its setting yet, there might be some surprises related to that at the TGS. But it won't be so different that characters from other games in the series won't be able to return.
• He concedes that past Star Ocean games have not really felt like they were set in an ocean of stars. In this one you will be able to pilot a ship and travel to different worlds, and while it will retain fantasy elements, it will live up to the series' title more than the previous games in the series have.
• The man and woman in the screenshot are the hero and heroine of the game. As a teaser they placed figures of them in the display at the SE party and he was disappointed that almost no one noticed.
• The heroine's name is Reimi. The hero's name is... (cough) (sputter) EDGE MAVERICK! EDGE FRICKING MAVERICK! Bwahahaha! Seriously!
• There aren't just two or three planets in the galaxy this time. There are more. Sounds like a lot more.
• You can have four companions with you in battle this time. There are a lot of new elements and it doesn't really feel like the battle system of SO3.
• Private Actions will, of course, return.


Thanks for the translation!

- First and foremost, I hope it retains the ARPG battlesystem, I for one really liked SO3's battlesystem.

-Secondly, lol at "Edge Maverick"

-Lastly, living up to its name? Finally! I liked the past Star Oceans but you would only get a tast of the interplanetary stuff near the end. I'm guessing the game will start out with you already in the know about other living beings inhabiting various planets in the Universe. Not unlike SO3 but you won't be stuck on a fucken Middle Age planet for a good portion of the game!

Cannot wait!